Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 Natural Moisturizers for Everyday Use

With this article, there might be questions raised about why you would need the very best natural moisturizers. I’m here to tell you that natural and organic – especially when it comes to what you put on your body – is always the best option, and the following 3 natural moisturizers have ranked better than the rest. The texture, tone, and overall health of your skin will change with the seasons! You might notice that hotter climates yield dryer, easily cracked skin. While winter can sap your hydration, leaving your skin sallow and dull. For those impending, ever-changing seasons, be prepared with a repertoire of amazing moisturizers!


Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer

Always say yes to amazing fruits and vegetables! Especially when they pack a powerful punch of antioxidants and vitamins to soothe, soften, and hydrate your skin. Red tea and organic tomatoes combine in this cream to balance your natural complexion and restore your original glow. The Lycopene is a potent antioxidant with minerals to make your skin supple, settling into your pores to make them smaller and less likely to collect dirt and everyday grime. Perfect for normal to extra-oily skin, this concoction provides an all-natural balance for your body to maintain.


Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

Made for people with sensitive skin, this cream is comprised of 99% all-natural ingredients, including Burt’s Bees signature, organic beeswax. Combine this with rice extract and botanical additives, and you’ve got a powerful blend of rejuvenating, refreshing, replenishing moisturizer. The mixture is gentle and pure, leaving skin soft and smooth with no blemishes, irritation, or puffy redness. It’s great for daily use, and actually takes the tingle out of harsher soaps and chemicals with a layer of protection that strengthens with every appliance. It’s a softener, beautifier, and natural healer all in one!


De-luxe Shea Butter

Salon quality for at-home, everyday use, this moisturizer does more than hydrate your skin! A concoction of supreme ingredients, that includes a healthy, empower dose of Shea butter, will soothe your skin to a supple, soft sheen of natural moisture and high-quality hydration. Your pores will naturally plump, giving you a radiant, effortless glow with an organic blush that comes from within. The Shea butter acts as nourishment – a healer for your damaged, dry skin in whatever the weather. Plus, there are no harsh preservatives, sulfates, or parabens to dampen the moisturizer’s all-natural benefits.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Regenerating, Rejuvenating, Refreshing Creams for Your Hands

Regenerating. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. All of these descriptive words should, ideally, be synonymous with only the top-rated, natural hand creams. And while some may have reached 1 or 2 of these adjectives, there are only 3 I’ve found that contain the aforementioned trio of amazing benefits from nail-tips to wrists. Treat and indulge your hands without breaking the bank with salons and spas. Yes, those are great treats every once and awhile, but when they become a chore, it’s time to venture to your own go-to hand creams. These are filled with vitamins, minerals, and astounding elements that make your skin smoother, softer, and more beautiful than ever before – sans expensive manicurist.


Seraj All-Natural Cream

What I love most about Seraj products is there’s never only one to choose from! There are a barrage of amazing, all-natural creams that can be used for every aspect of your life and body. The creams are vegan with absolutely no artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives, and each is rife with vitamins and essential, beneficial oils. Over time, these nutrients can and will change your skin for the better, soothing cracks, repairing fine lines, and conditioning completely. Some creams are floral, others are citrus, and there’s even a peppermint – but each and every one is simply amazing.


Herbacin Cosmetics Kamille Glycerin Hand Cream

Receive a triple treatment of chamomile, glycerin, and silicone that works together to naturally plump, smooth, and beautify all skin types. Talk about rejuvenation! This product digs deep into skin cells, healing and forming a protective “glove” of antioxidants to prevent further damage to your hands, fingers, nails, and cuticles. Our hands are the forefront of our entire lives; they take the brunt of our daily regime, drying and chapping due to wear and tear. With this cream, they can feel refreshed and regenerated with noticeably softer, smoother skin and an overall healthy appearance.


Yes To Carrots Intense Repair Daily Hand Cream

Rich in beta-carotene from organic carrots, this hand cream is naturally conditioning and nourishing, providing long-lasting treatment for normally cracked, dry skin. Additional ingredients, such as primrose oil and soybean extracts, activate with every use, releasing a new bout of antioxidants that repair and refresh your hands. They’ll appear and feel healthier, and simply better, with regular, continued use of this awesome cream. Your hands will glow with an organic shine that’s soft, 100% natural, and hydrated from within.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

All-Natural, Organic Conditioners with Fruity & Botanical Scents

One of the most important deciding factors for me when choosing organic hair conditioners is scent. I want something that lingers on everything around me in a pleasant, subtle, “what smells so delicious” sort-of way. It’s a natural reaction to WANT to smell absolutely irresistible, fantastic, clean, and fresh. After all, scent is usually attributed to beauty, health, and overall confidence. When you smell good, you feel fabulous and more confident!

The following conditioners are all packed with fruit and/or botanicals, lending a crisp, perfect scent to your hair. Plus, they’re all organic, meaning they’re all healthy, replenishing, and rejuvenating.


Renpure Originals My Pretty Hair is Parched! Moisturizing Conditioner

Comprised of active vitamins and minerals, this conditioner also packs a wallop of scent-tingling fruitiness. It’s tantalizing without being overpowering! Pomegranate, papaya, silken protein, and olive leaf combine to moisturize and restore dry, lank, chemically-damaged hair. Say goodbye to split ends, and hello to all-natural sexy! The 100% certified organic extracts are formulated to provide long-lasting hydration, refreshment, and beauty to all hair types, particularly those suffering from period hair loss or receding lines. And for women or men that dye their hair, this concoction if color-safe for no fading or brassy, harsh after-effects.


Acure Organics Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Conditioner

Scented with lemongrass, cocoa butter, and avocado oil, this conditioner is a testament to everything amazing about organic, all-natural products. The smell is clean, refreshing, and beautifying; enough to leave you salivating, addicted to the feel and scent in the most positive of ways. While the formula itself is ideal and gentle enough for everyday wash, rinse, and repeat. Argan Stem Cell elements combat tangles, repair split ends, and put the shine back into every flip of your lustrous locks. All of these natural ingredients combine to bring you clean, soft, shiny hair!


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Skikakai Conditioning Hair Rinse

Concocted from the finest lemons, coconuts, and olives, the ingredients in this conditioner are only half of the brilliance. It’s loaded with essential minerals from Shikakai powder and hemp, promoting a lustrous, healthy shine and touchable, shimmering color. Your natural hue will be enhance with a new glow, as this USDA certified product is power-punched with vitamins that dig deep into your roots, rejuvenating and reviving damaged locks for overall health. It’s 100% free of any synthetic chemicals and nourishes from scalp to tip!

All-Natural Shampoos with Mint, Lemon, and Green Tea Extracts

I’m biased when it comes to the best, most natural and organic shampoos, as I prefer products that smell, as well as feel, fantastic. Benefits and vitamins are essential, but what really drives my purchase after hearing “organic” is a shampoo’s unique scent. If there are mint, lemon, or green tea extracts included in the list of ingredients, sign me up!

Luckily, I’ve scoured the shelves to find all-natural shampoos with 1 or all 3 of these ingredients. They’re fresh and beautifying, leaving your scalp tingling with stimulation and thickening long, lank, and dull hair-types.


Nature’s Gate Organics Chamomile & Lemon Verbena Shampoo

Certified with organic botanicals and all-natural ingredients, this shampoo is my latest addiction. It’s cleansing, soothing, and beautifying, allowing my hair to shine naturally without the harsh additives and harmful chemicals. The shampoo itself is mild for extra moisture and a “lock-in” of healthy shine. However, my favorite part (as you’ve probably guessed) is the delightful, rich scent of chamomile and lemon verbena. It’s the equivalent of having a really great, tasty, pleasant cup of tea for your scalp. The low lather makes for easy rinse to provide hair with an effortless, soft shine that lasts for days.


Acure Organics Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell Shampoo

Mint is notorious for rejuvenating your senses when all you want to do is sleep in! However, with obligations galore, this shampoo is a great way to feel refreshed and immediately “awakened” for a day of work or play. Plus, the combination of Echinacea stem cells, babassu oil, and quinoa protein add sheen and moisture to typically dull, lifeless follicles. Your scalp will be stimulated, strengthening your chances of developing healthier, more volumized hair strands. Roots are targeted from the first wash, regenerating at a rapid rate to provide rejuvenation for low-risk to moderate hair-loss.


Kiss My Face Whenever Green Tea & Lime Shampoo

Ideal for every hair type, this shampoo is an instant favorite for scent enthusiasts and all-natural product-lovers alike. You’ll be surprised at how a small dab can turn the most tangled, driest hair into a silken crown of smoothness, softness, and overall beauty. The wonderfully fresh scent is a combination of green tea extracts and lime – components that will leave you practically salivating in anticipation for your next shower. It’s an addictive, organic blend with a sprig of sage to stimulate natural, stunning hair-growth.

Natural Sunscreens for All-Day, Everyday Protection

The best natural sunscreens are enriched with organic ingredients and soothing to the touch, with a wide-range of protection for hours out in the sun – whether at home, at the beach, or walking across a parking lot in the middle of a summer heat wave. These sunscreens cover all aspects of your everyday, all-day, covering anytime you could and would be exposed to the damaging rays of the sun.

With the following 3 creams, you can feel safe while playing, working, or relaxing, and you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.


Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen Stick - SPF 30

Completely hypoallergenic with 40 minutes of water resistance, this sunscreen stick is ideal for the smaller, harder-to-reach places on your body. It’s all great for your face, as the easy-to-maneuver tube settles softly into your pores, protecting your cheeks and nose from the damaging effect of full-on sunshine. Naturally blended with Shea butter and cucumbers, the sunscreen lasts for up to 2 hours in dry heat (with reapplication after hopping into the water) and should be applied 15 minutes prior to settling outside. Nourishing and rejuvenating, it’s an all-organic stick of protection for your everyday stroll in the sunny spots.


Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen Lotion - SPF 50

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Banana Boat is notorious for making amazing, all-natural products like this one. 100% organic and free of chemicals, this particular type of cream is gentlest on sensitive skin, with nourishing vitamins to strengthen your defenses against too much sunshine. It’s extremely water resistant and lasts in full-on sunny spots without breaking down or wearing away. However, as with all sunscreen, reapplication should be scheduled for every 2-3 hours. For the best results, use liberally and blend with your skin for a streak-free appearance. 


Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion - SPF 30

I simply love the name of this brand! It helps that the products are fantastic and live up to their superior claims. Combined with aloe vera and zinc oxide, this sunscreen is in a convenient spray bottle for every day, all-day, allover protection. The lotion is creamy and needs light rubbing to blend with your skin, but the green tea extract is soothing and nourishing to the touch. It also has a pleasant, natural scent that’s reminiscent of aloe and coconuts (at least in my opinion)!

The Best All-Natural Hand Soaps

The best natural hand soaps are squeaky-clean with plenty of cleansing suds for those tingly few minutes of washing up. They’re perfect for cleaning your entire hands, safe for use several times per day, and will never break or wear down your skin’s natural, protective barriers.

With that said, I think I’ve found 3 of the aforementioned best! Each of the following hand soaps are comprised of all-natural, nearly entirely organic ingredients without the additive of harsh chemicals. These are designed to make your skin softer while providing a deep clean that you can literally feel in the tone and texture of your hands.


Method Foaming Hand Wash

Available in 2 scents – Hibiscus Flower & Waterfall – this hand soap foams to cleanse your palms and fingers with tingling, tickling suds. At first, the soap has a very powerful, pleasant fragrance that dissipates with water and movement, leaving a subtle, fresh aroma on your fingertips. Additionally, “foaming” hand soaps make lathering fun for the entire family. Safe for kids, Method is a preferred brand for parents that want to get their children into washing their hands regularly. Reviewers are quick to point out the “clean” and “fresh” feel after every use.


Clearly Natural Aloe Vera Liquid Glycerin Soap

Enriched with vegetable glycerin for a clean you can feel, this soap is rich in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, offering healthy benefits to sudsy hands. Your wrists to fingertips will become softer, smoother, and healthier, without the additives of harsh, unnatural chemicals. This soap has been described as “delightful” and “rejuvenating” with enriching ingredients to ensure your skin stays supple. Additionally, it’s great for everyday use, multiple times daily, and comes in a cool pump-action container with a pleasant, green tinge that has been proven to soothe nerves and relieve anxieties.


Out Of Africa Organic Shea Butter Handwash

Comprised of shea butter, lavender, and other botanical extracts, this hand soap takes hand-washing to a new level, combining stress relief with cleanliness. The overall orange color of the soap is entertaining for kids, and soothing to adults. While the actual suds smell of calming serenity wrapped in peaceful bubbles. In other words, the lavender goes a long way to relaxing your senses. The Shea butter and fruity extras smooth and soften your skin, and the soap is gentle enough to use anywhere on any occasion.


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The Most Amazing, Softening Hand Creams from Burt’s Bees

Renowned for making organic products with notable brilliance, Burt’s Bees has again proven themselves worthy of praises. Their line of the best natural hand creams have softened skin, repaired hope, and astounded customers around the world. Comprised of only the finest, most natural ingredients, Burt’s Bees carries a bit of well-deserved pride in each container of beneficial, truly fantastic hand creams.

However, with all the hub-bub about every one of their amazing products, it was difficult to pick only 3 for your perusal. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a top few that are indeed the best of the best!


Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Crème

I love this product simply because it has a cow on the tin! Haha. But really, this cream is 100% organic with gentle, soothing emollients for every skin type and age. Children, as well as adults, will benefit from regular use to soothe hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Dry and rough skin can become an ailment of your past, because smooth, re-hydrated skin is what your future could be. The overall appearance of this cream may be less than appealing for some, as the tin is antiquated and cozy – like something your grandmother would have in her cabinet. But the soothing treatment is all-natural and timeless!


Burt’s Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream

Soothing and naturally, pleasantly scented, this hand cream is comprised of shea butter, sesame, rosehips, and sunflower oils. Plus, a helping of beeswax, because Burt’s Bees simply wouldn’t be the same without their signature ingredient. The formula is 100% organic, lending softness, smoothness, and nourishment to skin and nails. Cuticles will heal, fingers will lose callouses, and palms will soften with daily uses of this amazing, miracle treatment. It’s a nifty revival for your hands that slips conveniently into pocket or purse.


Burt’s Bees Farmer’s Friend Hand Salve

This hand cream was so-named because of the inspiration behind the production. As we all know, farmers utilize their hands for everything, from catching chickens, to milking cows, and harvesting yearly grains. There’s no end to their work! Additionally, there are millions of men and women that use their hands as the forefront tools of their careers, farming or not. This salve is a go-to for those lads and lasses with typically rough, dried, cracked hands. Natural botanical oils, herbs, and (of course) beeswax go into making every 3 ounces of this carry-with-you cream. It’s an intense re-hydrating, repairing treatment for the hard-working hands of our world.

Organic Conditions for All Hair Types

It’s an unspoken, yet unanimous, vote that the best organic conditioners will leave your hair feeling silkier, shinier, and healthier than ever before. That’s why they’re organic, right? You’d expect more benefits from conditioners with all-natural ingredients, each packed with vitamins, minerals, and all good things that are amazing for your hair. Luckily, these organic, fantastic conditioners are perfect for all hair types, as they’re formulated to balance moisture, restore volume, and promote a healthy scalp. This is what every hair type needs!

I’ve compiled a short-list of the top 3 greatest, most beneficial, all-natural conditioners for your rinsing and repeating pleasure.


Kiss My Face Whenever Conditioner

When looking for an all-natural, “regular” conditioner, this is it. Truly for “whenever,” this conditioner is okay-ed for everyday use on all and every hair type. The formula is power-punched with proteins and all-natural moisture to lock in a healthy, clean sheen wherever you go. Elasticity, shine, and health are 100% restored for as long as you take care of your hair from root to tip. Plus, tangles and split-ends are painless to work-out with a comb after every “whenever” use.


Renpure Original Argan Oil Conditioner

While I’m all for an alternative hairstyle like dreads, I’m not too keen on actually having them, and in fact, absolutely hate tangles in my hair. This conditioner is formulated to take those natural knots and that sleepy bed-head appearance away, with a soft, gentle concoction. The organic Argan Oil deeply penetrates to the root, lending hair a silken texture and overall volumized feel. Any damage is completely reversible, as the nutrients work to repair and add a sheen of protection to your scalp and strands.


Pura d’or: Premium Organic Conditioner

Gentle and nourishing, this all-natural, nurturing conditioner is packed with 99% vegetable and botanical ingredients. Additionally, there’s a touch of vanilla and lavender that lends to the clean, pure, fresh scent, sticking to your hair for a trail of pleasant beauty wherever you go. Don’t be surprised if you have followers in your wake at the supermarket! One whiff and they’ll be as hooked as you are. There are no harsh chemicals or parabens, and the components add to a long-lasting, manageable shine, promoting healthy, moisturized strands. It’s also lightweight, meaning no build-up or chemical weight that could harm your hair.

P.S. – This conditioner is also notably, noticeably fantastic for women and men with receding or thinning hair!


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The Best Organic Shampoos from Avalon

Some of the best organic shampoos have been comprised and created by Avalon; a product brand devoted to all-natural ingredients with beautifying, volumizing results. Men and women alike need a soothing, natural shampoo that prevents, and even reverses, the effects of harmful chemicals in other body washes and hair products.

These shampoos are 100% organic with thickening, complex essentials that are perfect for any hair type. They’re ideal for locking in moisture, smoothing hair, and stimulate growth with improved conditioning for your follicles. Not only that, but these products will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean and wonderfully natural.


Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo with Biotin B-Complex

Have you ever felt like your shampoo was totally lackluster and not worth the money? That’s probably because it isn’t! This thickening shampoo is superior because it’s all-natural, smells great, and offers long-term benefits with organic, homegrown vitamins. The complex B vitamins nourishes your hair, scalp, and follicles for a deep-down clean that you can feel with every, nurturing wash. It’s like pampering for your hair! The fresh scent and untainted components stimulate your scalp, making for fuller, more beautiful hair with every shimmy, shake, and turn of your head. Additionally, it can be used regularly for continued, long-term results!


Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary Shampoo

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that will buy a shampoo strictly for the fantastic smell! Along with a fresh, clean scent, this one also has the benefits of wheat protein, vitamins, Rosemary extract, and aloe vera. Hair will shine like never before, thickening to a lustrous sheen that will shimmer with every turn of your head. You’ll get non-stop compliments on how beautiful your hair looks and (best of all) feels. The pure, natural formula strengthens follicles for a long-lasting, long-term thickness you can feel with every wash.


Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shampoo

Gentle and great-smelling, this shampoo is perfect for on-the-go gals and guys! The lightweight formula makes quick-showers a breeze, which is great for those of us who aren’t the best at being punctual. Also, the clean, rejuvenating Lavender scent is formulated to stimulate your senses, waking you up completely for a refreshed day of work or play. Essential oils and organic botanicals have gone into making this a hydrating, soft shampoo for normal to dry hair. It’s the easy, all-natural, speedy way to attain silken smoothness in seconds!


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The Best Gloss Brands for Shimmering Smiles

On my search for the best natural lip glosses, I’ve found several that could be considered “just okay” or “slightly above average.” However, the research period also uncovered 3 that were the most amazing and spectacular; the proverbial shining stars of the lip gloss world. And what they all had in common was shimmer!

The following lip glosses bring shine and sheen to your lips with every swipe, and it’s all natural, completely organic, and beautifying. They’re also safe for constant application, even though all of them also have the staying power to outlast a day of lip-smacking.


Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss

Long name and even longer list of benefits, this gloss is unique because it brings the intelligence to your antioxidants. It’s a smarter, healthier choice for your lips because it lends the shimmer and shine without the harsh chemicals or brutal, scientific laboratory concoctions. The formula is USDA certified as organic fruits, such as agave, coconut, and raspberry, have gone into making this gloss delicious, soothing, and beautifully hydrating. There are also hints of caramel and vanilla for an especially addictive taste that will have your significant other practically glued to your kisses.


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss

I was intrigued by this gloss because it’s made from 100% juice, without the chemicals or additives you’d typically find in most cosmetics. The blend of acai and goji berries are packed with minerals, while a sweet agave nectar gives the gloss a sleek shine that is long-lasting and naturally soothing. The easy-application wand makes for a swipe of shine with no stickiness, and the aroma is completely organic, delicious, and sure to put you in a great mood. There’s simply no better way to find inspiration for having a fantastic, shimmering day!


bareMinerals Natural Lip Gloss

So many natural ingredients have gone into making this gloss great! Pomegranate, sunflower, sesame, jojoba, honeysuckles, and natural vanilla are just a handful of delicious components that add the shimmer, shine, and glide to this amazing gloss. The finish is shiny and sleek without being sticky! Plus, a dash of capuacu butter and floral oils soften, soothe, and hydrate lips for a constant, kissable smile. Also, something that was appealing to me, is the cool tube design. It’s compact with a contoured knob for easy gripping and grabbing when on-the-go. It’s the traveling gal’s perfect gloss for glamor!

Compact Mineral Makeup for On-The-Go Gals

We’ve all been there… late for work, stuck in gridlock traffic, applying makeup for the morning in your rear-view mirror while keeping one eye on the not-moving-at-all traffic jam. It’s frustrating and most of us look like hell warmed over when we finally arrive at work. Uneven foundation doesn’t help at all!

For those on-the-go gals that have made makeup mornings their rituals, there’s better, healthier, more natural alternatives to typical, compact powders. Listed below are 3 products that rank as the best mineral makeup for traveling chicks with little time to spare and a whole day dependent on their mood. Inspire yourself to be happy by feeling beautiful!

These can help:


L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation

Lightweight and gorgeous when applied, this foundation is milled into a fine grind for even-toned, accentuating powder. It is 100% fragrance, talc, and preservative free, which allows skin to breathe naturally to regain elasticity and organic grace. The formula is blended from Earthy minerals to cover your skin flawlessly from crown to chin, mixing with ease to even your complexion. It’s also accompanied by a miniature brush for a light dusting of shining foundation that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated with natural elements.


W3LL PEOPLE Altruist Mineral Foundation

This product feels like satin applied directly to your skin! It helps keeps facial skin soft, smooth, and beautiful throughout a tough workday, without fading or rubbing off. The triple-milled pigments are combined perfectly to accentuate and “bring out” the natural radiance of your complexion with a blend of organic ingredients. For example, this particular batch is comprised of antioxidants such as rose hip and acai, protecting skin from the elements. It buffs on flawlessly, offering complete coverage that mixes stunningly in feather light layers.


Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation

We’re all familiar with Mary Kay products! And if you’re not, you should be! Most of them are amazing, and this is no exception, as the fine minerals pack a powerful punch of antioxidants as well. It’s long-wearing, resistant to transfer and water, and won’t fade by midday after only a few hours of wear. The weightless formula is easily blended into your natural complexion, with controlled shine for a matte finish. It also hides the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes that seem to appear specifically to ruin your day.