Sunday, March 16, 2008

Escentuals Mineral Makeup

Bare Escentuals ModelBare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

Bare Escentuals - one of the purest makeup available, it's good for skin and women love the natural look with great coverage. It's so pure and good for the skin that you can even sleep in it and your skin loves it!

There are other brands of mineral foundation and other mineral-based products that imitate this product, but they are not the same - it's the original and you can tell that it's the best when it's compared to other cosmetic brands.

There are ZERO oils, talcs, preservatives or chemicals. It is not a powder - just pure crushed minerals in a powder form.

Their product line includes skin care (Rare Minerals), id bareMinerals™ (foundations and skin colors), products for eyes and lips, professional makeup brushes, as well as various collections including starter kits with "how-to's" enclosed so you can learn how to use it like a professional.

I've used this product and it's by far my favorite in cosmetics - it's so easy to put on, it's coverage is wonderful and it's great for any age. I'm predicting that Escentuals Mineral Makeup will leave all the others in the dust over time.


If you'd like to check out the products for yourself online, there are several resources that you can use to find out more about the individual items of the line, as well as make any purchases for less-than-retail prices:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

For Health and Beauty: Introduction

Natural Beauty WomanWelcome!

Over the years I have learned a great deal regarding natural health and beauty, and here I will be sharing what I have learned.

Natural beauty actually does come from within - this phrase is not just a cliche. Health in body, mind, being and using natural and organic products for beauty all make a difference in longevity of life and youth, as well as making the difference between someone who is simply "pretty" and someone who is truly beautiful and alluring.

The information available for health and natural beauty, as well as mental well being is immense - I will give as much as I can here.

You'll be hearing more from me soon - so stay tuned! Remember to subscribe to my feed - it will be worth it! :)