Monday, May 16, 2016

Video List - 2016 Top 5 Natural and Organic Face Cleansers

Another list! This time in video form. Here is another place to get a look at which natural face cleansers are getting the most attention this year:

Best Natural Face Cleansers - Top 5 List for 2016

This year's ten "best of" natural and organic facial cleansers - find 'em @

Top Reviewed Natural Face Cleansers - "Best of" List for 2016

Here is our second list that we are posting - and we also happen to be in agreement with the products mentioned here. If you're looking for a great facial cleanser, here are some good ones to try out:

Top 10 List - Best Natural Face Cleansers in 2016

For those of you who like to keep things simple with lists - here is a really good one. It is an updated list of the best natural facial cleansers for the current year - in this case, we're talking 2016 (but you can likely view the list later than that and see the updated version). Here it is:

Top 10 Natural Face Cleansers 2016

W hen it comes to facial care, cleansing the skin is probably the most important step - and natural facial cleansers are definitely the way to go since they tend to do the job right without harmful short or long-term effects.

Skin Nutrition - Web MD

Yep, skin needs a little "nutrition love" too! In fact, that normally eliminates the need for a bunch of "facial remedies" that many women look for. Here is an article on this topic that is a good read:

Vitamins and Minerals for Your Skin

You know that you need to nourish your skin to keep it as healthy as possible. But are you getting enough of the right nutrients from the foods you eat? Could you benefit from taking a supplement or trying an antioxidant-packed lotion?

36 Homemade Facial Cleansers for Radiant Look - Home Remedy Shop

OK here we go - for you do-it-yourselfers out there - here is a way to make your own facial cleanser:

36 Homemade Facial Cleansers for Radiant Look

If your trusted facial cleansers are not giving you the expected results, then make your own facial cleanser for instant and effective results. These are some great homemade facial cleansers for you to try. 1. Egg Yolk Egg yolk contains natural cleansing properties. Egg white just helps in toning your skin.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Making the Right Choice - Natural Skin Moisturizers in 2016

Here is a paper on - all about natural skin moisturizers, and which ones to look for:

Best Natural Skin Products 2016 - Natural and Organic Skin Moisturizers

It's not a myth - natural and organic skin products are worth looking into; they provide healthy skin naturally long-term, without some of the hidden harmful effects that man-made chemical ingredients can inflict. Here are some resources I put

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Where to Shop for Natural Skin Moisturizers?

When one wants to go (or stay) all natural and organic with their skin moisturizers, where to shop online?  There is always a question of - am I finding the best products with the best stock and prices?  Here is an article to help you along:

Where to Buy Natural Skin Moisturizers Online

Many women and men who are accustomed to searching out moisturizers that are most widely publicized may be surprised to know this: Not only are natural skin moisturizers just as (or more) effective in smoothing and softening skin, but they have also been shown to be healthier for skin over time, avoiding future problems caused by chemicals added to the creams and lotions.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hello!  Here are some fabulous natural, organic skin moisturizing creams and lotions - and some other helpful stuff too.  Nice.  =)

Best Natural Skin Moisturizers - 2016 Top 5 Picks and Reviews on Flipboard

By Tonya Brisnehan | Skin moisturizers with natural ingredients are known to not only give excellent short-term results, but also have healthier long-term benefits! Here are the top 5 natural skin moisturizers for 2016 based on testimonials and reviews - plus some handy lists and reviews...

3 Whipped, Natural Skin Moisturizing Creams for You

I love having soft, smooth, silky skin. It makes me feel good about myself—gives me the confidence and sex appeal that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning and do things that make me happy.

It might be silly, but the perfect, natural skin moisturizers can do this to you. When you have the skin type you want, you can worry less about blemishes, and more about running those errands, being flirtatious, and simply living the good life.

Yep, soft skin can boost your confidence to those amazing levels because you feel good about how you look.

Personally, my favorite among natural skin moisturizing creams are whipped, fluffy, lightweight, and quick to absorb. With this in mind, I picked 3 natural skin moisturizing creams that I love, and I hope you love too.


Seraj All Natural and Organic Creams

Instead of a single amazing cream, Seraj offers a whole collection of wow-worthy skin moisturizers in a bundle of tantalizing scents, with heaps of vitamin-dense, nutrient-rich benefits.

It only takes a dollop, and she offers lots-a natural skin creams for all kinds of skin types and needs.

These creams restore the balance of good minerals and oils within your skin cells, ensuring proper hydration and smooth perfection in every dollop.


Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

Following under the literally whipped category, this skin moisturizing cream has zero bad stuff in it, making it my go-to for every day, all-day, anywhere use.

Scented with ginger, the aroma of this cream reminds me of gingerbread houses. You know, in that earthy, sweet, and warm way.

The cream itself is light as air on your skin, absorbing in seconds to leave behind a flawless softness. No greasiness or leftover residue from infused chemicals. Talk about a definite list topper.


Jurlique Rose Body Care Lotion

We can all agree that while lightweight and silky is nice in a natural skin moisturizing cream, scent plays a huge role too.

Not only do I love the way this lotion makes my skin feel, I am head over heels for the fragrance.

All natural, the combination of awesome, fresh ingredients includes calendula, daisies, and of course, roses.

The petals of these flowers are smooth and velvety soft, which are qualities that translate to your skin cells with each smudge of this cream. Plus, the convenient pump-handle makes application super simple.


Additional Related Resources:

25 Best Foods For Your Skin

Friday, April 22, 2016

Top 10 List for 2016 - Natural Skin Moisturizers

Yes, I love lists - I hunt them down regularly.  =)  Here is a great "top 10" list with some of the best available natural skin moisturizers - ranked by popularity and/or testimonials and reviews:

Top 10 Natural Skin Moisturizers 2016

S peaking from experience, moisturizers that are natural - especially those with natural ingredients - not only help skin in the long run, but also have more immediate results for skin. What's here: On this page are the ten best natural skin moisturizers for the year of 2015 based on consumer testimonials and reviews, as well as popular sales rankings.

Natural Skin Creams and Lotions Collection - 2016 Best Moisturizers on Pinterest

I just said a little while ago that I love lists (see below) - but I also love curation boards!  Here is a great one with natural skin moisturizing creams, lotions, recipes, and some other great tips:

2016 List of the Best Natural Skin Moisturizing Creams and Lotions

Love lists.  Love 'em.  That said, here is a great list that includes several top-rated picks in natural skin moisturizers for this year:


Have you ever thought about making your own facial moisturizer?  Well - there may be no better way than this to ensure the ingredients are all natural, eh?  =)  (Admission - I wouldn't do it myself, but that's not to say it's not a good idea!)

Here is an article with tips about a great cream:

Homemade Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion (without Coconut Oil) - Live Simply

Note: This recipe is used as a lotion. In the container, the final product feels more like a thick body butter versus a pump lotion. Once spread on the skin it acts as an amazing moisturizing lotion. I've provided a short video tutorial (below), so you can watch the entire lotion-making progress from start to finish.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tips and Tricks - Natural Sunscreen Reviews for 2016

And - our final addition to the 2016 best natural sunscreens category - here is a wonderful resource with plenty of great recommendations and tips:


Information - reviews, lists and tips on the best natural sunscreens this year

Top Reviewed Organic and Natural Sunscreen Products for 2016

Yes - more on natural and organic sunscreens! Turns out there is quite a bit of info out there on them - and here is another one of the better resources to find the top picks this year:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guide to Choosing Natural Sunscreens in 2016

Here is a fun and easy-to-look-at online magazine, giving you suggestions and helpful tips - all along the lines of natural and organic sunscreen and sunblock products.  =)

Best Natural Sunscreen List and Reviews - Guide to Natural and Organic Sunscreens on Flipboard

By Tonya Brisnehan | Updated early 2016 - More and more concern has gone into sunscreens with chemical additives - but what is available for those with natural and organic ingredients? Here is info on this year's best natural suncreen and sunblock products...

The Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens – SPF 30 and Higher

For people with sensitive skin, the best sunscreens are those with an SPF of 30 and higher - with natural and organic ingredients.

These sunscreens are designed for ultimate protection against the damages of too much sunshine. Sure, vitamin D is a great thing, but an overabundance of those beneficial sunny rays can be harmful. There are strong links between skin cancers and overexposure to sunshine, so a good, strong sunscreen is important.

It is a common misconception that you only need sunscreen when the weather is super sunny. Not true. Sunshine pierces through gray skies and clouds, and it can be just as damaging to your skin on a cloudy day as it is on a sunny day.

The following 3 among the best natural organic sunscreens are protective anytime, everywhere.


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Aloe Vera Sunscreen (SPF 30)

This sunscreen smells WOW, like you would imagine the brightest, most beautiful flowers in Hawaii would smell.

Ranked at SPF 30, this sunscreen has extreme water resistance for 80 minutes, making it a go-to for swimmers who love splashing around in outdoor pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

As for organic ingredients, this sunscreen combines the nourishing benefits of sunflower oil, the protective elements of tropical fruit extracts, and the healing abilities of aloe vera.

Yep, pure protection perfection!


Goddess Garden Sunny Natural Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Goddess Garden…the name, to me, conjures images of Grecian goddesses, basking in sparkling pools, warm but well-protected from the sunshine.

It makes me want to be a goddess. Ha!  What a spa weekend that would be. But I digress.

This sunscreen is wow-worthy because, while there are protective benefits, it packs an extra wallop of nourishing sunflower oils to hydrate, soften, and smooth your skin.

It lasts for 40 minutes of swimming and strolling.


Kiss My Face—Face Factor Sunscreen for Face and Neck (SPF 50)

I love this sunscreen brand because the name is adorable, but intimate.

It describes the relationship that your skin has with protective, natural creams, like sunscreen. It also describes the after effects—lots of kisses on smooth, unblemished, well-taken care of skin.

Yes, this particular sunscreen is marketed for your face and neck, but you can really use it anywhere on your body.

Rated at an SPF 50, this sunscreen protects your skin, while encouraging a natural, healthy glow—courtesy of the natural vitamins and minerals packed inside every dollop.


Find additional picks among natural and organic sunscreens for the spring and summer of 2016 - see the video below:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Top 5 List of Natural and Organic Sunscreens

More on natural and organic sunscreens!  For this spring and summer, here is yet another great list of choices:

Natural and Organic Sunscreens - Collection of 2016's Best

Pinterest is also in on the action of natural and organic sunscreens - here is a board where you can peruse some favorites and look at some extremely helpful lists, reviews and articles:

New List for 2016 - Natural and Organic Sunscreen "Best Ofs"

Here is a list - it lines up the "best of" (by popularity and ratings) natural and organic sunscreen picks for spring and summer of 2016:

Which Natural Sunscreens are the Best? Here is a Video List...

Nice list - here is a short video with a few great selections in natural and organic sunscreens:

Favorite Natural and Organic Sunscreens for Spring and Summer 2016

Info - or rather uh - the "scoop" on natural and organic sunscreens for this year.  Nice!

Best Natural Sunblocks - 2016 Favorite Natural and Organic Sunscreens | Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Sunscreens with natural ingredients can bring more peace of mind to those who are "in the know" about artificial chemicals and their short and long-term effects. Being of that mind myself, I have put together a list of resources and top picks among the best natural sunscreens for 2016 - great for...

Herbal Skin Protection - ?!

Yes, there are herbs that can help you to protect your skin.  Might be more to it than you realize!  Here is an article that I found on the subject - good read.  =)

10 Natural Sun Protection Herbs, Oils and Vitamins for Skin

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun can wreak havoc on skin. Over time, it can cause sunburns, wrinkles, premature aging, and cancer, and reduce immunity against infections. Always use sun protection on a daily basis to protect yourself from damaging UV rays, but if you want to go the extra mile to delay the signs of aging, try the following herbs for an extra boost of antioxidants.

Skin Tips for Sun Protection - Helpful Anti-Aging Tips

Here is an article that can help beyond the "sunscreen stage" of skin protection.  Some handy tips.

How to Sun-Proof (and Age-Proof) Your Skin

For starters, every woman should eat a diet that's rich in fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidant compounds, which reduce the damaging effects of sunshine. (Refraining from smoking also makes a difference because cigarette smoke creates huge numbers of skin-damaging molecules.) But the most important thing you can do is shield your skin from the sun.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Which Natural Eye Creams are the Best Rated for 2016?

Found this online magazine - strictly dedicated to the subject of eye creams with natural and organic ingredients.  Yum!  Fun to flip through, some great products there too!

Here it is:

Best Rated Natural Eye Creams on Flipboard

By Tonya Brisnehan | Updated for 2016's best natural eye creams based on testimonials and consumer popularity, reviews...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shopping Online for Natural and Organic Eye Creams

As part of our natural eye creams category, I wanted to share an article - not specifically on the different products available and their quality, but on where to shop for them online.  It's actually quite a helpful find - below:
Where to Buy Natural Eye Creams Online

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Trio of Natural Eye Creams that Brighten and Revitalize

Surprise, surprise—some of the bigger brands for eye creams use unsafe ingredients, while the favorites on this list are all-natural to better soothe, better heal, better brighten, and better revitalize the delicate skin around your eyes. After all, the windows to your soul deserve the best to make them truly shine.

The following trio of natural eye creams are no-brainers for a healthier glow that shows.

So, I present a challenge to you:  Instead of immediately grabbing the bigger brand names on the shelf, opt for a natural eye cream and give it a try. There is a ginormous chance that you will totally fall in love with the results.


Seraj All Natural Green Tea Cream

Seraj is amazing. No doubt, hands down, for sure. Her creams are some of the best and most beneficial that I have ever had the pleasure of trying. With that said, this All Natural Green Tea Cream has heaps of great uses, but it works miracles as an eye cream. At least in my experience.

This cream packs a gigantic POW! Of green tea extracts—an antioxidant-rich element proven to restore, rehydrate, and repair damaged skin cells. Want brighter eyes and better, luminous skin? This is how to achieve it!


Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

If you have ever felt that your skin waged war on you with puffiness, redness, and other sensitivities, Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is a must-have go-to. Sure, the jar is adorable, lightweight, and great for carrying around in a pocket, satchel, or purse—but the real gem is what’s inside.

This brand picked the name Origins because their ingredients come from the original and natural sources. For instance, this eye cream combines the healing, soothing, refreshing benefits of ginseng and magnolia. Plus a touch of coffee beans for a brighter, peppier appearance.


Honeydew Luxury Eye Cream

I have discovered that the best natural eye creams cater to both men and women. They don’t have to rely on target marketing to prove they are superior in their benefits to both sexes of all ages. Honeydew Luxury Eye Cream is a great example.

Handcrafted for people of all skin types, but especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin, this eye cream acts as an all-encompassing anti-ager, moisturizer, brightener, revitalizer, redness reducer, and healer. The ingredients are pure and clean, combining the reparative elements of honeydew with a hint of lime for regenerative kick on a cellular level.


Check out this video - a put-together of the top 5 natural eye creams for 2016:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Best Skin Care for Eyes - Top Natural Eye Creams 2016

Here is a wonderful curation of picks - top reviews/testimonials on natural and organic eye creams this year:

Top 5 Natural Eye Creams 2016 - Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Another list - and a good one.  The "best of" natural eye creams in 2016, plus some info on why going natural is better than not.  =)

Collection: Best Natural Eye Creams on Pinterest

Doin' it right on Pinterest - here is a board that can point you in a number of great directions on natural eye creams for 2016 - plus some stellar home remedies for those irritating daily under eye problems.  Yay!

Video List - Top Picks in Natural Eye Cream Products for 2016

Here is a video "short list" of eye creams to check out.  Each has natural ingredients (the first on the list has ALL natural and organic ingredients).  A whole 39 seconds...   =D

Best Reviews - Natural Eye Creams List for 2016

Now - hitting the nail on the head.  On the topic of natural eye creams for this year (2016) - here is a great list to save and refer to as needed.  (The first on the list is a personal favorite of mine.)

More on Natural Eye Remedies - Getting Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

Here is another great article - the "how to" on getting rid of wrinkles with all natural "stuff" that you will likely find (at least one of) either in your pantry or refrigerator.  Nice.  =)

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes - Top 10 Home Remedies

OK, admittedly it is most optimum to not have circles and puffiness around the eyes (thinking actual sleep and water intake) - but it does happen.  Here is a good article that will point you in the direction to some good ole fashioned home remedies (all natural too) for puffiness around the eyes:

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes | Top 10 Home Remedies

Worth a read.

A little "PS" on this - there are some great products out there as well that can help to give you a lift around the eyes - this list of creams has some of them.  In fact, I use it every day whether my eyes are looking good or not.  =)