Thursday, May 20, 2010

Natural Skin Product - What Should a Natural Product for Skin Do?

What should you expect from a Natural Skin Product?

If you're searching out a natural skin product, you are probably searching for a simple skin cream - but perhaps not.  After all, if you really break it down, there is a number of reasons that someone would be searching for a natural product for skin, including:
  • Someone needs a skin cream or lotion with healing properties
  • Searching for a solution to a skin condition such as eczema
  • Looking to heal a rash
  • Someone wants to handle dry skin
  • Needing to heal a painful sunburn
  • Looking for a great facial cream
  • Wanting to find an effective anti-aging treatment that will reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
And there are likely more reasons to be looking for a "natural skin product" - right?

What about -- a skin product that is all natural and made with pure and organic ingredients, that will do all of the above?  

Nah - that would be asking too much.

Oh - wait a moment, there is such a product!  I almost forgot...  ;)

Honest to goodness, and at the risk of presenting my readers with a "too good to be true" proposition, there is a product (that I consider a "do everything for skin" product) that actually is used and is known to be effective on any and all of the skin issues listed toward the top of this page.

I apologize if this comes off as being "salesish" - but I actually would be lying if I didn't say it were true.

Natural Skin Products - Seraj All Natural

And you know what, I will go you one better than that...

What if...  you could try a free sample?

Give it a try - see for yourself:
PS:  To get your free sample, choose your product, go to the checkout page and select the sample.  (A small shipping free will apply.)

I hope that you love it as much as I do!

OK, I'll stop now.  :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Skin Creams - What to Look for in an All Natural Cream for Skin

What should natural skin creams do for you?

When shopping for natural skin creams (just as it is for any other product for beauty or health), it is important to keep several things in mind.

If you are shopping for an all natural cream for skin, here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

1.  Are the creams made with pure and organic ingredients?  This is perhaps a more important point than people may realize.  The more pure they are (directly from the earth), the more effective they are known to be.

2.  Are the right combinations and proportions of ingredients being used?  Going "all natural" is a good thing.  However, a number of different products are being created (or made from home) with natural ingredients without the knowledge or eduction of how they work together and "how much should go with this and that...".  On the other hand, there are all natural skin creams that are truly effective due to the fact that the people who make them have a high understanding of exactly how the ingredients work together.

3.  Do the creams contain the right vitamins that enhance skin condition?  There are specific vitamins (and combinations of vitamins) that work quite well to improve the condition of skin.  They include Vitamin E, Vitamin A and more.  There are a number of wonderful essential oils that contain these ingredients and actually are rather amazing at helping skin to become more youthful, with a softer and smoother texture.

4.  Does the cream contain anti-aging properties?  This is a concern for many of us ladies out there - it seems that time creeps up faster than we would like and along with that - well, skin shows it.  :)  If a natural skin cream is made with ingredients that are not only good for skin, but are also known to smooth (and sometimes even reverse) those lines around the eyes and other areas - well, that's a good benefit, eh?

5.  Does the cream sooth irritated skin?  This might not be important for some people, but others have skin issues that involve itchy or irritated skin.  This is not a "must" for some of us, but I for one say that a natural skin cream should actually act to sooth conditions such as eczema and other skin reactions.  (This is sort of a "by product" of using pure and natural ingredients - at least in many cases.)

6.  Are the makers of natural skin creams educated in what they are doing?  It's quite nice to have a product that is made from natural ingredients, but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that one can put a bunch of ingredients together and expect them to work well.  Just as important as the ingredients is the knowledge of the individuals that make it - the more knowledge involved, the better the cream will perform simply due to the fact that there is an understanding there of the different elements that are contained in the cream.

7.  Is the cream naturally preserved?  Unfortunately there are a number of creams that contain preservatives that will actually serve to damage skin over time - and put someone's health at risk.  Sad but true.  Even products that use the word "natural" on the label sometimes have preservatives in them that (if one knows what they are) can make someone yell "yikes!" and run away.  =D  The purpose for using these types of preservatives is to cut costs and help the cream to last a long time.  However - there are natural skin creams available that are preserved with all natural ingredients, which serve to keep the cream fresh over time, without damaging skin or health.

Are you looking for a great line of natural skin creams?  

Recommended Product:
Give it a try - you can request a free sample right from their website!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Natural Dry Skin Remedy

Natural Dry Skin Remedy - Improving Dry Skin Without Expensive Solutions

Dry skin is something that just about anyone deals with at least at some point in their lives, and often when someone is experiencing this (especially in severe cases) the first "solution" is to run to the local drugstore or department store to find a product that will ease the problem.

However, dry skin does not need to be dealt with this way - it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on skin - and in fact, it can be better not to!

So - what might be some natural dry skin remedies that will help?

1.  Using an all natural skin cream (that doesn't contain drying agents):  There is one cream that I recommend in particular, Seraj All Natural and Organic Skin Cream.  This is definitely an effective and simple method of treating dry skin - and the cost is not very high especially in comparison with other products - plus it lasts for quite a long time since it is concentrated, and you can order a free sample to give it a try.

2.  Natural Dry Skin Recipes:  There are a few different methods that someone can use to handle dry skin, right from their own kitchen!  This is a solution that will work for those women who are ready and willing to put in the time and the attention to learning about the natural properties of various foods and oils - as well as willing to put the time into refrigeration, making fresh batches of skin remedies, etc.  (I personally opt to leave it to those who are already educated in this field and find a natural cream for skin that works well.)

3.  Watch how you are cleansing your skin:  Using harsh detergents or warm or hot water on face can dry it out - using lukewarm or cool water is much less drying.

The above list contains but a few solutions - but if you are short of time (and who isn't these days) and are simply looking for a natural dry skin remedy in the form of a simple product, Seraj All Natural is definitely a good bet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Natural Skin Beauty Tips

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Skin

I don't know of any woman that doesn't long for healthy, beautiful skin (if she doesn't already have it)!  And - I strongly advocate any methods that involve all natural skin care.

Here are a few natural skin beauty tips for those ladies out there who are also looking for natural methods of treating skin - these are actions to take that will not only improve the condition of skin, but some of them will also prevent premature aging.

1.  Use all natural beauty (makeup) products - Even products on the market that are quite popular may have long-term effects that are not as popular!  Oftentimes products that may produce more immediate results have preservatives or other ingredients in them that can produce negative effects for skin - or worse, they can present long-term health risks.  General rule of thumb:  If you can easily read and understand (or easily look up to find out) the ingredients on the label, it is probably okay.

2.  Using natural skin care - There are quite a few natural skin care products available today, some of them work better than others, and some of the them are not as "natural" as they claim!  There are a couple of ways to go for using natural products for skin - the "do it yourself" method, or simply finding a product that is truly pure and all natural that works well.  If one feels that they have the time, there are some great natural skin care recipes that can work quite well - however if you're like me you might be thinking, "Geez, who has the time for that?!"  If that is the case, choosing a natural skin cream for a moisturizer is the way to go - My favorite skin cream is Seraj All Natural Beauty Cream.

3.  Diet - Yes, it is indeed important to eat healthy foods - and even better to ensure that the foods one eats are organic.  In general, avoiding overly fatty foods and foods with processed sugar can make a huge difference in itself.  If one has a diet with whole grains and fruits (for carbohydrate intake), eats lean protein such as fish and non-dark versions of meat (or other healthy protein foods) and has an adequate vegetable intake, that person would likely notice a huge difference in the tone of her skin over time.  (As a note, foods that are not organically grown or raised generally have ingredients that can add toxins to the body - as an eventual result, this can show up in the texture and tone of skin.)

4.  Exercise - Healthy (not overdone) aerobic exercise improves circulation and the general health of the body when done regularly.  And - yes, it also adds a lovely healthy glow to skin.

5.  Water intake - Drinking enough water each day has a cleansing effect on the body, removing toxins and naturally keeping the body hydrated.  On the "opposite side of the coin", not drinking enough water can tend to cause the body to store more toxins and dehydrate the body.  In terms of skin, this shows up in dry looking skin and (ugh) more wrinkles.

6.  About drinking caffeine products - Coffee and tea dehydrate the body - sad but true.  I love Starbucks just as much as the next guy (or gal) - but nevertheless it's a good idea to take it easy on the coffee and caffeinated tea.  (See drinking water, #5 above.)

7.  Cleansing - It is not a good idea to use a detergent soap to cleanse skin - even if skin tends to be oily.  Using a natural cleanser of some kind is the best way to go -- I have consistently heard that fresh milk makes an excellent cleanser for skin, using with a cotton pad and cleansing gently in a circular motion. 

There are more natural skin beauty tips that one could follow, but if you can fall in line with the above list, you will likely notice a dramatic difference in the general looks of your skin.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Natural Sensitive Skin Solutions

Natural Sensitive Skin products and solutions can be a bit of a tricky area to deal with, especially for those with skin that is highly sensitive or reactive to various products.

In fact, I have heard plenty of stories of ladies who search and search in vain for a product that will not only not create a reaction but will help to have a positive effect in terms of skin tone and texture.  (This includes products that say "for sensitive skin" on the label.)

About Natural Products for Sensitive Skin: 

If you have looked around on this blog, you may have noticed that one of my highest recommendations for skin products is Seraj All Natural.  One of the main reasons for this is the results it gives for those who will often otherwise have skin reactions from sometimes even very expensive "sensitive skin" products.  Not only that, but it actually soothes and clears up skin that already has had an allergic or other type of reaction to some cream, soap, etc.

Here is part of a testimonial from a couple who was having difficulty handling eczema for their son, and other products were actually worsening the problem:
I hear other stories similar to this one for this specific natural sensitive skin product - even though the label doesn't even mention that it is for sensitive skin, the fact that the ingredients are so pure, natural and effective rather tell the story.

Other Info on Natural Sensitive Skin Solutions:

I have come across some recipes for home made solutions for sensitive skin.  In my viewpoint, these are worth giving a try certainly, but often creating the home made solutions also involves quite a short shelf life, added time and effort - as well as the expense and time of running about getting the ingredients.

However, I still think it's a worthwhile idea if other solutions have not worked.  Here is a link to such a page with sensitive skin remedies if you would like to check it out.

Costs for Natural Sensitive Skin Products:

Products found in department stores or health food/cosmetics stores can often be quite pricey.  Also - if one does decide to go the "make your own" route, the costs of the ingredients, gas and time spent may not make the "saved cost" worthwhile.

This is actually another reason that I recommend the Seraj Natural Product for Sensitive Skin - Compared to other products I think you will agree that it doesn't cost much, and I know from experience that it lasts a long time since not much is needed to do the job.  For the Seraj Citrus cream, 2 oz. costs $15, 4 oz. is $20.  This is definitely worth the money - at least in my book!  =)

You can buy this very special cream here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Organic Natural Skin Products - What to Look For, What to Buy

What are "Organic Natural Skin Products" Anyway?

When searching out organic natural skin products, it is actually quite important not just to look for the words, "organic" and/or "natural" on the front of the label.  Unfortunately, I have seen these terms used rather loosely...

For example, a label on a front of a skin product may use the word "natural" - and if one doesn't check it out the ingredients and the products more closely, she or he may believe that the product is actually all natural when in fact it has some natural ingredients - but it also may have ingredients that are not so natural or good for skin and body.

Let's look at these terms, shall we?

"Organic":  There are actually two definitions to look over here from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language:
  • "Simple, healthful, and close to nature"
  • "Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals"
"Natural":  Here are some definitions provided by MSN Encarta:
  • "of nature: relating to nature"
  • "produced by nature: present in or produced by nature, not artificial or synthetic" 
OK, so these definitions should give an idea of what a product should contain when it is called "natural" or "organic" right?

But - keep in mind that there are quite a number of definitions of each of the words given above, any one of which may be being used to describe the ingredients, or the products may simply have some ingredients in them that conform to one or another of the definitions given above.

Here's my point:  When someone is looking for "organic natural skin products", then that person would likely be looking for a product with all of the ingredients conforming to the definitions given above - right?

I have a personal policy that I follow in life, whether it comes to the products I use or a state of mind or a solution to a problem:  "Simple works best."  =)

Recommended Products:  Organic Natural Skin Products by Seraj

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anti Aging Natural Products

Anti Aging Natural Products - Choosing the Right Natural Anti Aging Products for Skin

When one sets out to discover what they might do to reduce the natural effects of aging, one of the aspects to look into are anti-aging natural products.  There are some things one might want to know when it comes to choosing a product for skin, including knowing what ingredients to stay away from and which ingredients to choose.

Recommended Anti Aging Natural Products:

Ingredients to stay away from:  Well, to actually go into this subject in depth would probably take pages and pages of writing, perhaps even a book!  What I would recommend is to read the ingredients label and if it is "laden" with chemicals that are difficult to understand I would stay far, far away.  Some ingredients that may produce immediate anti-aging effects for skin can actually be harmful in the long run in terms of health.  (If you would like to find a place to check ingredients, click here for the Skin Deep Cosmetic Ingredients database.)

Some Ingredients to look for: 

Vitamin C has been known to produce great effects when applied topically.  It can naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as increase natural collagen production in the skin.  (Collagen is a natural protein found in skin, bones and various tissues of the body.)  **There is an all natural Citrus Skin Cream that I personally use (and love) that is "loaded" with Vitamin C.  When used, I notice an almost immediate difference in the way my skin looks and feels - as well as specifically noticing a smoothing out of lines (especially below and around the eyes). 

Vitamin A is another natural ingredient that is known to produce some very nice effects for skin when applied topically.  It is effective also as a natural way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as providing improved tone of skin and having a natural exfoliating effect.

Essential Oils are a way to rejuvenate and restore skin to a more improved condition.  There are quite a number of individual essential oils that can be used in natural anti aging products (as well as some other useful products), some work quite well to produce a noticeable change in a youthful look.

There is much more information to be had on anti aging natural products, but the above list of ingredients to look for should at least give you a good start on knowing what products would be beneficial to skin to produce a more youthful look - whether the title of the product includes the words "Anti Aging" or not!

Resource:  Best Anti Aging Ingredients

Monday, February 22, 2010

Natural for Skin - What to Look For?

More and more women every day are looking to find products that are natural for skin.  And - rightly so!  There are quite a number of products out there that have ingredients in them that are beyond what I would call "questionable" and move right into the realm of "Look out!"  It's truly amazing what is being sold to women these days for wrinkle reducing or elimination, removing of age spots - and much much more.

What to Look For?  Reading labels is a goooooooood idea.  A general rule of thumb that I follow is, "Do I have to be a chemistry major to understand this or look it up to find out what it is?"  That rule has worked for me a number of times, and I do not regret following it. 

Aren't topical chemicals harmless?  What goes on your skin moves into the body and into the bloodstream - what you put on your skin (as I have discovered) is just as important as what you put into the body.  My personal answer to this "harmless" question is, "Absolutely not."

Note:  Here is a reference to check out for "what to look out for" in cosmetics:
Bottom Line:  When taking a look around for what would be the best products that are natural for skin, whether you use any recommended product, the real answer is to read the label! Perhaps it sounds too simple, but is most definitely a good rule to follow and is a step that is too often omitted - I've done it myself more than I care to admit!  =)

Natural for Skin - Recommended Product:
What does it do? I use it for many things (all skin related), and I love it. I can honestly say that it is the best product I've used for any kind of skin cream and is in no way less effective than any "top shelf" product I've purchased from a department store. More on that later, but for now you can check it out for yourself!