Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Natural Skin Beauty Tips

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Skin

I don't know of any woman that doesn't long for healthy, beautiful skin (if she doesn't already have it)!  And - I strongly advocate any methods that involve all natural skin care.

Here are a few natural skin beauty tips for those ladies out there who are also looking for natural methods of treating skin - these are actions to take that will not only improve the condition of skin, but some of them will also prevent premature aging.

1.  Use all natural beauty (makeup) products - Even products on the market that are quite popular may have long-term effects that are not as popular!  Oftentimes products that may produce more immediate results have preservatives or other ingredients in them that can produce negative effects for skin - or worse, they can present long-term health risks.  General rule of thumb:  If you can easily read and understand (or easily look up to find out) the ingredients on the label, it is probably okay.

2.  Using natural skin care - There are quite a few natural skin care products available today, some of them work better than others, and some of the them are not as "natural" as they claim!  There are a couple of ways to go for using natural products for skin - the "do it yourself" method, or simply finding a product that is truly pure and all natural that works well.  If one feels that they have the time, there are some great natural skin care recipes that can work quite well - however if you're like me you might be thinking, "Geez, who has the time for that?!"  If that is the case, choosing a natural skin cream for a moisturizer is the way to go - My favorite skin cream is Seraj All Natural Beauty Cream.

3.  Diet - Yes, it is indeed important to eat healthy foods - and even better to ensure that the foods one eats are organic.  In general, avoiding overly fatty foods and foods with processed sugar can make a huge difference in itself.  If one has a diet with whole grains and fruits (for carbohydrate intake), eats lean protein such as fish and non-dark versions of meat (or other healthy protein foods) and has an adequate vegetable intake, that person would likely notice a huge difference in the tone of her skin over time.  (As a note, foods that are not organically grown or raised generally have ingredients that can add toxins to the body - as an eventual result, this can show up in the texture and tone of skin.)

4.  Exercise - Healthy (not overdone) aerobic exercise improves circulation and the general health of the body when done regularly.  And - yes, it also adds a lovely healthy glow to skin.

5.  Water intake - Drinking enough water each day has a cleansing effect on the body, removing toxins and naturally keeping the body hydrated.  On the "opposite side of the coin", not drinking enough water can tend to cause the body to store more toxins and dehydrate the body.  In terms of skin, this shows up in dry looking skin and (ugh) more wrinkles.

6.  About drinking caffeine products - Coffee and tea dehydrate the body - sad but true.  I love Starbucks just as much as the next guy (or gal) - but nevertheless it's a good idea to take it easy on the coffee and caffeinated tea.  (See drinking water, #5 above.)

7.  Cleansing - It is not a good idea to use a detergent soap to cleanse skin - even if skin tends to be oily.  Using a natural cleanser of some kind is the best way to go -- I have consistently heard that fresh milk makes an excellent cleanser for skin, using with a cotton pad and cleansing gently in a circular motion. 

There are more natural skin beauty tips that one could follow, but if you can fall in line with the above list, you will likely notice a dramatic difference in the general looks of your skin.

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