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Burt's Bees Balms for Beautiful Lips

The concept of natural lip gloss may seem like a new, modern idea, when in reality, manufacturers like Burt’s Bees have revolutionized the entire thought of natural, organic glosses over the last decade. They’ve pioneered interesting ingredients that were never used for the cosmetic purpose before, and with stunning results that have moved them to number one in their industry. I’m talking about Burt’s Bees balms for beautiful lips!

These products are found to be some of the best natural lip glosses - the best balms for beautiful lips, all produced in all-natural glory by Burt’s Bees. And they are:


Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

Simple and elegant, this lip gloss is available in 12 luscious colors and a mixture of flavors for the everyday woman. She can be a trotting vixen in the evening with a dash of red and an alluring stare. Or go subtle pink for an office meeting at work the next day. BB gloss makes every woman feel like she’s wearing nothing at all while really sporting the most beautiful sheen to her already amazing lips. The precise wand allows for efficient, straight-forward application, while the ingredients of sunflower oil and beeswax make the product 100% natural, beautiful, and soothing.


Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss

If you’ve never drenched your lips in hydrating shine, now’s the time to try it. This product is comprised from castor, sunflower, sweet almond, and soybean oil, with a touch of beeswax, for an all-natural, organic sheen. The flavoring is slightly citric with pleasant undertones of fresh-squeezed oranges and citrus oils. All of these components combine to make your mouth lip-smacking yummy and beautiful for any occasion, day or night. Additionally, all of these elements are extremely hydrating, dousing your lips in 24-hour moisture that will outlast chapping, chafing, drying weather. It’s the natural way to keep your lips look and feeling fantastic!


Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

For those special occasions or just-because “shimmer,” this product goes a long way to provide natural nourishment, organic shine, and dousing moisture to your mouth. Concocted from beeswax, coconut oils, sunflower, fruity components, and shea butter, this gloss has a natural, invigorating, peppermint fragrance with a cooling, soothing tingle. It’s as if you can “feel” the shine and shimmer with each application! Every element is borrowed from nature to make your lips touchable, soft, and beautiful for any time, any place, anywhere.


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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mineral Makeup that Softens Your Skin

The best mineral foundation powders are flawless! So much that up-close you cannot tell someone is wearing foundation at all. It’s that subtle gleam of smooth powder that will soften your skin with vitamins and natural minerals, packed inside a fine, textured grind.

These powders aren’t particularly easy to find unless you know where to start, which is why the following 3 on this short-list are perfect starters for anyone delving headfirst into the world of mineral makeup. As your skin becomes silkier and more manageable, you’ll find yourself becoming more impressed and addicted to these amazing products. They’re must-haves for anyone of any age with any complexion!


Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Foundation

Loaded with pure, crushed minerals that come straight from the Earth, this powder is water and sweat resistant, offering a sheer layer of SPF protection for those summer days. Plus, it’s 100% hypoallergenic with no additives, harmful chemicals, or animal by-products. Even the testing was done completely on willing, human participants with the greatest, silkiest results. The natural vitamins give effortless, flawless coverage that feels like a smooth, lightweight cream. It conceals fine lines, wrinkles, and everyday blemishes while offering a natural luminosity that will thrill and delight.


Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Power Foundation

Neutrogena is synonymous with silky, smooth, clean skin! So it’s not surprising that their foundation would make it onto this top 3. This is the first purified mineral makeup available anywhere in the world! It’s completely compact and crushed to the points of smooth impaction that can be applied with brush or soft, makeup buff. It has excellent, allover sun protection at an SPF 20, and the time-released antioxidants go toward making a long-lasting effect on skin. The more you use it, the more your skin will continuously glow with a radiance from the inside out. Oil-free, beautiful, natural, and flawless – what more could we ask for?


Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation

Shaved and crushed into a loose powder, this mineral foundation includes a brightening ingredient. The wild rose extract adds a hint of rosy hues to your cheeks for a subtle, naturally flushed, healthy appearance that is sure to take years off your face. The formula is blended to heal with natural antioxidants and repairing minerals that blend uneven skin tones, conceal fine lines, and attempts to permanently banish wrinkles. The texture is lightweight and you can feel every ounce of beautiful with each light dusting.


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Natural Facial Creams for Supple, Resilient Skin

As you get older, the quality of your skin dulls; it becomes thinner and more papery, with visible fine lines and wrinkles, which we all hate. Some people will resort to harmful methods of reliving their youthful skin, while other seek more natural solutions.

That’s where I come in! The following short-list of natural facial skin creams are the best I’ve found for restoring supple resilience to any age or skin type. They’ll reduce the appearance of pesky wrinkles, allowing women and men the opportunity to reclaim their younger elasticity, softness, and smoothness.

And 3 of the very best are:


Shea Touch Revitalizing Face Cream

Blended from vitamin E and Chadian Shea butter, this cream is known for its revitalizing effect on all skin types. Sometimes people don’t realize their face could use a refreshing layer of antioxidants until they try it. Known as a protector and healer, Shea Touch is soft and noted for slowing down the aging process of your skin, from head to toe. Additionally, there’s a built-in, natural SPF ingredient that allows for fun in the sun without the risk.


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

Have you ever noticed how flawless Hawaiian people appear? How their skin seems to shine with smoothness and radiance from every angle? This is due to amazing herbal treatments that have been blended for others around the world. Infused with jasmine, nut oils, mineral emollients, and papaya, this cream hydrates and moisturizes while it cleans pores and rejuvenates tired skin. It’s perfect for night and day use on a daily basis, and the deep penetrating action of vitamin E antioxidants will make your skin appear “awake” when the rest of you “feels” exhausted.


Weleda Skin Food

Rough, dry skin is a hassle at any age, but it can become more prevalent as the years go by. Weleda’s unique “skin food” blends calendula flower extract with other essential, natural, organic ingredients for softer, smoother, more supple skin. It’s a deeply hydrating cream to assist the most damaged, irritated facial cells. It’s simply great because of all the benefits and noticeable changes that occur after the very first application. Additionally, it can be used as a cream for your entire body, zoning in on problem areas and leaving them feeling softer and healthier than ever before. It’s truly the healthiest, most nutritious “skin food” for your face and body!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reducing Blemished with Natural Skin Toners

Acne is something that plagues most everyone from their teenage years and beyond. While it might not be as prevalent as it was when you were 15, it’s still there at all, which makes your skin weaker and prone to heavier outbreaks. All it takes is a week of stress and Bam! Instant pizza face!

Thankfully, there are solutions to the promise of blemishes at every age. I’ve picked the best, natural skin toners for people of all age ranges, skin types, and reluctance levels. I say reluctance because the majority are worried about what chemicals will do to their complexion. However, these following 3 are 100% natural with no chemicals or harmful additives. Rest assured!


Alba Botanica Sea Kelp Facial Toner

A product for all the vegetarians and health enthusiasts out there! This toner is made from aloe vera, lavender, and witch hazel; it also has a touch of other botanical, floral extracts for an all-natural, beautiful fragrance that delights the senses. Plus, there’s sea kelp, which is notably amazing for skin regeneration and the cleaning away of excess dirt and oils. It’s a product formulated to nourish, nurture, and protect your skin, while refining and refreshing your natural complexion.


Dickinson’s Cleansing Astringent Towelettes

This product is ideal for travelers, vacationers, or just on-the-go from home to work and anywhere in between. They’re individually wrapped, 100% natural towelettes, comprised of witch hazel and aloe vera to soothe and soften skin. The witch hazel also works to clean deep within pores, salvaging reparable skin cells and removing the dirt and oil build-up from several weeks ago. Your whole face will feel 10 times more clean and clear than it’s ever felt before. Additionally, the results are instant, as you’ll notice an immediate different in the way your face glows with health.


Kiss My Face Balancing Antioxidant Toner

I couldn’t resist this! The brand name is simply too cute. Fortunately, the product is just as awesome! Packed with 78% certified Organic content, this antioxidant toner works wonders, removing dead skin cells and creating a layer of healthier, more radiant cells. These new layers help protect against free-radicals, damaging UV rays, and of course, those pesky, microscopic particles that cause the worst of acne breakouts. It’s a potent combination of grapefruit, oranges, ginger, and seaweed extract – all working as one amazing blend to guard your skin.


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Classic Face Cleansers for Everyday Use

When I wrote this title, I was focused more on the ingredients, as that’s what really determines an instant classic of anything.

When it comes to the top-selling, natural facial cleansers, the components for a beautiful, fresh face is what keeps customers coming back; ergo, turning the product into one that can be enjoyed and passed down by word-of-mouth for decades or longer. The following short-list of facial cleansers are those aforementioned products. They’ve been used repeatedly over the years, as generations have discovered the refreshing impact each everyday cleanser has on their skin. 

My preferred top 3 for everyday use are:


Yes To Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

Blended from organic cucumbers, aloe vera, and green tea extracts, these wipes are perfect for on-the-go or vacationing. Simply swipe and go as you would any stringent pad! The quick dash of ingredients will soothe and soften your face in moments, while offering long-term renewal of dead or damaged skin-cells. Additionally, these wipes are excellent for puffiness from lack of sleep. If you’ve just had an insomnia-filled night, dab your face with one of these and you’ll look instantly rejuvenated with clean, clear skin. It’s like a spa treatment in your pocket!


Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – with Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi

Made from the finest, most luxurious extract in Hawaii, this cleanser has the fragrance and softening abilities of the Awapuhi plant; a beautiful budding bloom with healing properties to extend through history. The blend of Tea Tree oils and Chamomile refresh your face’s smoothness, making skin silky to the touch. Simply apply allover your face and wash away at least once every day for long-lasting, gentle results. You’ll love the instant improvement in your skin’s texture, as well as the radiance that appears to shine from within. This is a cleanser to swear by!


Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Purity is naturally synonymous with cleanliness and immaculate, which are both traits your skin should have. This fragrance-free facial cleanser has a natural, subtle scent of tropical islands and coconut beaches, as only the finest, most natural oils and extracts were used in the making. These components hydrate and condition skin, keeping your face toned and clean throughout the day. It can be used twice per day, and it’s an everyday cleanser with amazing results that are long-lasting and gentle.

The 3 Best Face Creams of Jason Natural

Every manufacturing category of anything will have those that are simply the best to buy because their products are superior to all the rest. With that said, and in my opinion, the best natural face creams at present are produced by the organic, fun-loving name “Jason Natural.”

These products are amazing, as each one is designed to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate skin on both men and women, no matter the age or skin type. They’re also made from the finest, most organic ingredients, directly from nature; therefore, all the nutrients and vitamins are packed inside every dollop.


Jason Natural Cosmetics Perfect Solutions Ester-C Crème

A crème that’s rife with antioxidants, this product claims big-time victory in the battle against fine lines, crow’s feet, and other pesky, sudden wrinkles. The elements include Ester C, Vitamin E, and Pine Needle extract – all components that moisturize, soothe, and soften, radiating beauty from the inside out. It’s 100% free of parabens, harmful oils, waves, and any animal byproducts, meaning you get the full effect of safe, non-damaging nutrients that your skin so desperately craves.


Jason Natural Vitamin E Age Renewal Cream

This product is ideal for people with sensitive, dried-out skin that could use some rehydrating, nourishment, and a healthy dose of natural minerals. Over 70% of this cream is organic, which means your skin gets the full benefit of active ingredients, including avocado oil, wheat germ, aloe vera, and Vitamin A, C, and E. All of these components go toward minimizing wrinkles and improving your natural, beautiful, flawless complexion. With daily use over time, your facial skin will appear tighter, younger, and more radiant with an even tone and better texture than ever before. It’s like the fountain of youth landed in the palm of your hand!


Jason Natural Vitamin K Crème Plus

Nourishing and intensely moisturizing, this product is comprised of horse chestnut, calendula, and ultra-amazing bioflavonoids. A dab should be applied once a day to facial skin to heal broken blood vessels, bruises, burns, and eye circles. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing your skin to repair itself with new cells for a plumper, healthier, fuller appearance. Additionally, Vitamin K has a binding component of calcium, which means it will soak into skin, providing a mega-packed power-punch of strength for facial bones and underlying cartilage.


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The Top 3 Natural Face Toners with Rose Water

It’s been my experience, and the experience of thousands of others, that the best natural face toners contain fragrant, organic ingredients. Though, the most popular component, and possibly the most beneficial is rose water.

Most people have a long-standing love affair with roses; they’re beautiful, multicolored, and simply pleasing to give, receive, and admire. What the majority of admirers don’t know is that roses and the water from their petals contain natural, cosmetic benefits for people with dry, sensitive, or in-between skin.

The following products have this ingredient as their main component, resulting in soft, gorgeous skin that’s toned by long-lasting effects.


Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula – Rose Petal

This product is unique because the use of Witch Hazel and roses are usually accompanied by unnatural amounts of alcohol. Instead, this toner is 100% alcohol free and mixed to perfection. It was originally developed for sensitive skin, but can be used every day by those of all skin types and conditions. The toner hydrates and softens on your face, peeling away weeks of grime, old makeup, dead skin cells, and anything else that can dull your complexion. It’s also blended with Vitamin E and grapefruit extract, lending a tantalizing fragrance to an already fantastic product.


Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner

Steer toward natural products with the ingredient you want directly displayed in the title, such as this one. This gentle, fragrant toner is comprised of rosewater and aloe vera, with a touch of glycerin to remove lingering traces of oil and dirt. It’s also a cinch to remove caked-on makeup, as the product is mildly astringent, working to clear pores of weekly grime. Your skin, face or otherwise, will feel noticeable fresher, cleaner, and more radiant than ever. All it takes is a splash before bed or after a shower. Voila! A beautiful, clear-skinned face!


Boots Botanics Organic Face Rosewater Toner

Again, another product with the desired ingredient clearly displayed in the title. This amazing concoction also includes flowery oils, glycerin, and citronella – all components that make for beautiful, shining skin that positively glows with health. Used regularly on a daily basis, this toner will visibly smooth and soften skin, making it touchable, supple, and more manageable when it comes to the damaging effects of changing climates. You can combat sweat with a refreshing wash. Or battle the dryness of wintry cold with a spritz before bed.


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All-Natural Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

There’s simply something refreshing about following a clean, rejuvenating regime for your face. When skin feels amazing, you look and exude a mood of rockin’ optimism that’s contagious – just like your smile. Everyone should have that feeling, even if your skin is less than tolerant of the chemicals in most cleansers these days.

Compiled below are the best natural face cleansers for people with sensitive skin. The all-natural ingredients will do wonders, allowing your inner beauty to shine through in radiant skin without the harshness of faux components and unnatural elements.


Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser

You know a product’s got to be good when it has a mention of “sensitive” in the title. In this case, Burt’s Bees goes a long way to combine all-natural ingredients that soothe and relieve typically dull, irritated skin. Included in this concoction are organic components, such as rice extract and aloe vera – both ingredients that soften and replenish skin, removing dead cells and encouraging the growth of healthier, smoother cells. Additionally, this product Is 100% hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested numerous times, and fragrance-free for a truly rejuvenating skin soother.


Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser

The ingredients in this cleanser have been used in spas, salons, and all-natural retreats for as long as anyone can remember. They’re gentle and refreshing, leaving faces shining with an inner glow that radiates outward. Combined are organic soy proteins, green tea extract, and (of course) a touch of milk and cucumber for touchable, soft, smooth skin. A 6-ounce bottle is used once a day, lasting over a month and providing continuous rejuvenation to sensitive or dry skin-cells. The antioxidants are healing for long-lasting smoothness and the best moisturizing results. This is a cleanser that you’ll fall instantly in love with! 


Grandpa’s Brands Company Oatmeal Soap

Tried-and-true, the box may be unappealing but the product is amazing. This everyday soap is ideal for everything – from shaving, to showering, bathing, or even shampooing. Most of all, it’s a fantastic cleanser for people with dry, sensitive skin on their face. The gentle coconut and palm oils work in tandem with oatmeal and vegetable glycerin to erase blemishes and damaged skin, replacing it with rejuvenated, refreshed, long-lasting results. There are absolutely no added colors or fragrances in the soap; only all-natural feels, textures, and scents. It’s a classic produce in a vintage box for modern people.


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Hydrating Creams For Smoother, Healthier Skin

In a poll of the top 10 skin creams, several had the same traits! They were hydrating with plenty of natural ingredients that enhanced cell restoration and plumped skin for a natural glow from the inside out.  Smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin is always a huge plus, especially when it’s attainable for every part of your body.

With that said, the following short-list of skin creams are 100% safe for daily use, contain the bare minimum of artificial ingredients, and permanently improve the elasticity and health of your skin.

Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

Ultra-creamy and rich, this product smells delicious! Not only that, but it’s also packed with powerful antioxidants that absorb into your skin for a silky, smooth feel at all times. It’s 100% all-natural, comprised of olive oil, grape seed, apricots, and several other organic ingredients that are super-great for your skin’s long-lasting health. Plus, the scent is proven to lift your spirits and banish feelings of fatigue for a refreshed, rejuvenated, all-day demeanor. As for your skin, it will be healthier than ever before, as there are no parabens or artificial chemicals to do damage.


Aveeno Active Natural Skin Relief Hand Cream

This cream is a skin-win because it lasts for 24 hours! It’s even sustainable through regular bouts of hand-washing, and contains natural properties that help with eczema, dish-pan hands, and many other sensitive skin issues. The blend is hypo-allergenic and designed to form a “protective glove” around the palm and fingers for a day of everyday, normal activities. It will provide instant relief upon contact to sores and minor abrasions, as well as moisturizing hands for smoother, silkier touches that your loved ones will appreciate.


Udderly Smooth Udder Cream Skin Moisturizer

It may sound strange, but this cream was originally developed for dairy cows, as their udders would often become chafed from regular milking. The farmers discovered their own hands were healing quicker from everyday injuries, and their skin was smoother than it had ever been. So, Udderly was marketed for adults, and the rest is history! A 12 ounce jar is long-lasting, containing a rich blend of heavy-duty moisturizers to hydrate and improve skin from the very first appliance. The scent is light and fresh, while the cream itself is completely greaseless and “fluffy” to the touch. It’s a skin cream that is “udderly” worth every penny!


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The Top 4 Skin Creams In 2013

The best skin creams in 2013 are all different, yet amazing! They’re blended with a variation of ingredients for every skin type, and each product promises (and delivers) varying results for anti-aging, radiance, beauty, and rejuvenation.

With that said, out of a long list, I’ve picked the top 4 that seem to be the epitome of everything a skin cream should be.

And they are…


Seraj All Natural and Organic Skin Creams

This cream is actually a collection of creams with all-natural ingredients and organic elements. There are 6 different products to choose from, each with their own intriguing, pure scent and series of awesome benefits. For example, the Citrus Cream is comprised of citric vitamins and mineral oils for a fresh, clean aroma. Combine this with a rich, whipped feel, plus promotion of toned skin, and this whole line of products is a win. Additionally, they all contain an element of natural aloe for dry skin, sunburns, or general skin irritations.


Origins A Perfect World Intensely Hydrating Body Cream

Made from white tea extract, this body cream can be used anytime on a daily basis. It’s 100% safe, light-weight, and beautifying for permanent hydration and natural restoration. The scent has been described as fresh and enchanting, with a twinge of organic tea that subtly smells like a sun-shining afternoon. The intensely hydrating content plumps skin, giving it a healthy, vibrant glow from the inside out to allow your inner beauty to shine through.


CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This cream is different because it boasts a controlled release of natural and artificial ingredients to hydrate and restore skin. The concoction is clinically proven to improve your skin’s protective barrier, keeping it safe from the damages of UV rays and harsher chemicals. While it can be used on a daily basis on all body parts, it’s best when applied to areas that are prone to drying in odd climates, such as elbows, ankle, heels, and knees.


L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream Rich in Shea Butter

Light and fluffy, this cream contains mounds of smoothing, soothing Shea butter. As a powerful anti-aging ingredient, it’s popular for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as assistance with natural cell regeneration. Damaged skin is permanently healed with fast absorption that enhances your body’s ability to heal itself after burns, cuts, or other harmful, minor traumas.

Lightweight Face Creams For Everyday Use

In a list of the top 10 face creams for this year, there were several that stood out because of their similar traits. They were light-weight, mostly whipped, overflowing with antioxidant benefits, and 100% safe for everyday use. They’re also timeless, as each one can be used for years to come, in addition to a daily beauty routine. Mess-wise, these creams are clean with no greasy residue or pore-clogging additives.

And these aforementioned face creams are…


Vivo Per Lei Moisturizing Day Cream

Silky and luxurious, this cream offers radiant, ultra-soft results in a whipped, light-weight blend. The powerful antioxidants reduce aging signs, eliminating puffiness completely, and restoring a healthy glow to make users appear 5-10 years younger. Skin will be taut, gorgeous, and radiant again – naturally! There are no harsh chemicals, and every ingredient strives to replenish skin for an all-day moisturizing. For the best results, users are encouraged to wear this beneath or entirely without makeup, as the balance of organic compounds will give your skin a natural, beautiful glow to shine through better than any lipstick or eyeliner you can use to enhance features.


Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Formulated to fight the 7 signs of aging, this cream is a triple threat that perfects skin tone, moisturizes on contact, and protects from sun damage. The gentle exfoliation gets rid of excess oils to leave skin feeling cleaner and refreshed, so you can take on the world in a brighter, more rejuvenated way. The trio of formulas also strengthens skin and ensures elasticity is maintained to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. The ultra-lock moisture barrier stores hydration in your pores to balance mineral levels and wick away grime that can be accumulated on a daily basis.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Described as “fab” by the manufacturers, this cream is whipped into a non-greasy formula using a combination of organic oils and plant extracts. Toss in a few ceramides and natural minerals, and you’ve got an ointment to heal, soothe, and smooth skin that’s been discolored and damaged overtime by dryness, UV rays, and harsh chemicals. The creamy blend can be used daily for the best results, and all it takes is a dab with gentle massaging motions to active the positive proteins. Plus, Shea butter maintains constant hydration to penetrate deep, leaving skin bright and renewed.

Anti-Aging Face Creams With Antioxidants

What do you expect in the best face creams of 2013? Personally, I love products that are packed with natural antioxidants. They “feel” so much cleaner and fresher than the creams that are usually pounded with chemicals. Specifically for anti-aging treatments, lightweight products seem to be the best, reducing fine lines and wrinkles effortlessly while adding beneficial vitamins that skin could be missing.

These face creams are amazing because I can keep a healthy complexion without spending hours enduring the damaging effects of UV rays from direct contact with sunlight. Not to say I don’t love the great outdoors, but too much of anything is typically a bad thing.

So, instead of bathing in sunshine, I use the following 3 face creams that offer the same antioxidants and vitamin benefits without the harm.


Philosophy Hope in a Jar Original Formula Cream

This jar is filled with hope! Literally. It says so on the label. “Where there is hope, there can be faith. Where there is faith, miracles can occur.” This cream is a great place to put your faith for skin miracles to happen! Perfect for all skin types, the jar is available in 2 ounces or 4 ounces, both with a light, fluffy texture. It’s lightweight and hydrating for daily use, and the antioxidant protection reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Puffiness after a night of not-so-great sleep is also 100% eliminated!


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Whipped and beautifying, this cream repairs skin that’s been damaged by harsh chemicals, colorants, UV rays, or Parabens. An extra plus is it’s not just for your face, as it can be used for all areas of the body! The ultra-cool formula is filled with antioxidants to boost your natural vitamins and enhance skin’s resilience. You’ll be hydrated, healthy, and radiant – prepared for anything that comes your way. It’s initially available in a 2 ounce size; however, there is a jumbo 6 ounces for those who would rather go months at a time without making another facial cream purchase. Simply fab!


Seraj All Natural and Organic Creams

I love these creams because there are so many to choose from and they’re all organic. For face and body, each product promotes anti-aging by reducing wrinkles and improving hydration naturally with an all-organic formula. Additionally, each cream also smells amazing and they’re safe enough to use multiple times a day for extended periods of time. The downfall? I always wind up purchasing more than one because they’re so awesome!


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The Most Rejuvenating Eye Creams in 2013

It’s a fact of living that some days we might not look refreshed and well-rested. Admittedly, most mornings I resemble more of an ogre, at least before my coffee. However, for people who need to look the proverbial role of bright-eyed and bushy tailed, there are the top 10 eye creams – products that are rejuvenating, refreshing, beneficial, and beautifying. Packed with all-natural ingredients and the best botanicals for a radical-free experience, the following 3 creams are my personal favorites from that aforementioned top 10.


DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm

Initially, the name was what attracted me to this cream. Of course! I’d love to take revenge on my wrinkles! However, the actual application is 100 times more beneficial and so much more than what I was originally expecting. This concoction uses active ingredients, such as amino acid peptides and plant-based antioxidants, to rejuvenate and heal damaged skin around the eyes. It takes 2 dabs a day over a period of 4-6 weeks for noticeable, permanent improvement upon wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Dark circles, puffiness, and dry skin are also quickly eliminated with continued use.


Somme Institute Eye Cream

The carrying tube for this is so cool! Almost as neat as the product itself, but not quite. This cream can be used anytime, day or night, to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, and enhance a naturally beautiful skin tone. It effortlessly repairs skin damage, such as discoloration or harm from UV rays, and intensely hydrates around the eyes for a plumper, healthier appearance. Fine lines will be stretched to their limit, disappearing completely to reveal radiant, glowing skin that you’ve always known you had.


100% Pure – Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream

Yes, I made the joke about looking like an ogre before my coffee, but in all honesty, this cream is time-released caffeine for my skin. It enriches, enhances, and livens my pores while I sleepy, so those dark circles and under-eye bags are non-existent in the morning. All it takes is an application after a cleansing every night, with gentle dabs around my brow bones and under eyes. There are absolutely no synthetic materials or chemicals, and a single-ounce tube lasts for over a month. The cream is also packed with anti-aging vitamins, minus the harmful chemicals that are in other products. It’s a cup of coffee for your skin!