Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Top 4 Skin Creams In 2013

The best skin creams in 2013 are all different, yet amazing! They’re blended with a variation of ingredients for every skin type, and each product promises (and delivers) varying results for anti-aging, radiance, beauty, and rejuvenation.

With that said, out of a long list, I’ve picked the top 4 that seem to be the epitome of everything a skin cream should be.

And they are…


Seraj All Natural and Organic Skin Creams

This cream is actually a collection of creams with all-natural ingredients and organic elements. There are 6 different products to choose from, each with their own intriguing, pure scent and series of awesome benefits. For example, the Citrus Cream is comprised of citric vitamins and mineral oils for a fresh, clean aroma. Combine this with a rich, whipped feel, plus promotion of toned skin, and this whole line of products is a win. Additionally, they all contain an element of natural aloe for dry skin, sunburns, or general skin irritations.


Origins A Perfect World Intensely Hydrating Body Cream

Made from white tea extract, this body cream can be used anytime on a daily basis. It’s 100% safe, light-weight, and beautifying for permanent hydration and natural restoration. The scent has been described as fresh and enchanting, with a twinge of organic tea that subtly smells like a sun-shining afternoon. The intensely hydrating content plumps skin, giving it a healthy, vibrant glow from the inside out to allow your inner beauty to shine through.


CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This cream is different because it boasts a controlled release of natural and artificial ingredients to hydrate and restore skin. The concoction is clinically proven to improve your skin’s protective barrier, keeping it safe from the damages of UV rays and harsher chemicals. While it can be used on a daily basis on all body parts, it’s best when applied to areas that are prone to drying in odd climates, such as elbows, ankle, heels, and knees.


L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream Rich in Shea Butter

Light and fluffy, this cream contains mounds of smoothing, soothing Shea butter. As a powerful anti-aging ingredient, it’s popular for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as assistance with natural cell regeneration. Damaged skin is permanently healed with fast absorption that enhances your body’s ability to heal itself after burns, cuts, or other harmful, minor traumas.

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