Monday, February 22, 2010

Natural for Skin - What to Look For?

More and more women every day are looking to find products that are natural for skin.  And - rightly so!  There are quite a number of products out there that have ingredients in them that are beyond what I would call "questionable" and move right into the realm of "Look out!"  It's truly amazing what is being sold to women these days for wrinkle reducing or elimination, removing of age spots - and much much more.

What to Look For?  Reading labels is a goooooooood idea.  A general rule of thumb that I follow is, "Do I have to be a chemistry major to understand this or look it up to find out what it is?"  That rule has worked for me a number of times, and I do not regret following it. 

Aren't topical chemicals harmless?  What goes on your skin moves into the body and into the bloodstream - what you put on your skin (as I have discovered) is just as important as what you put into the body.  My personal answer to this "harmless" question is, "Absolutely not."

Note:  Here is a reference to check out for "what to look out for" in cosmetics:
Bottom Line:  When taking a look around for what would be the best products that are natural for skin, whether you use any recommended product, the real answer is to read the label! Perhaps it sounds too simple, but is most definitely a good rule to follow and is a step that is too often omitted - I've done it myself more than I care to admit!  =)

Natural for Skin - Recommended Product:
What does it do? I use it for many things (all skin related), and I love it. I can honestly say that it is the best product I've used for any kind of skin cream and is in no way less effective than any "top shelf" product I've purchased from a department store. More on that later, but for now you can check it out for yourself!

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