Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Skin Creams - What to Look for in an All Natural Cream for Skin

What should natural skin creams do for you?

When shopping for natural skin creams (just as it is for any other product for beauty or health), it is important to keep several things in mind.

If you are shopping for an all natural cream for skin, here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

1.  Are the creams made with pure and organic ingredients?  This is perhaps a more important point than people may realize.  The more pure they are (directly from the earth), the more effective they are known to be.

2.  Are the right combinations and proportions of ingredients being used?  Going "all natural" is a good thing.  However, a number of different products are being created (or made from home) with natural ingredients without the knowledge or eduction of how they work together and "how much should go with this and that...".  On the other hand, there are all natural skin creams that are truly effective due to the fact that the people who make them have a high understanding of exactly how the ingredients work together.

3.  Do the creams contain the right vitamins that enhance skin condition?  There are specific vitamins (and combinations of vitamins) that work quite well to improve the condition of skin.  They include Vitamin E, Vitamin A and more.  There are a number of wonderful essential oils that contain these ingredients and actually are rather amazing at helping skin to become more youthful, with a softer and smoother texture.

4.  Does the cream contain anti-aging properties?  This is a concern for many of us ladies out there - it seems that time creeps up faster than we would like and along with that - well, skin shows it.  :)  If a natural skin cream is made with ingredients that are not only good for skin, but are also known to smooth (and sometimes even reverse) those lines around the eyes and other areas - well, that's a good benefit, eh?

5.  Does the cream sooth irritated skin?  This might not be important for some people, but others have skin issues that involve itchy or irritated skin.  This is not a "must" for some of us, but I for one say that a natural skin cream should actually act to sooth conditions such as eczema and other skin reactions.  (This is sort of a "by product" of using pure and natural ingredients - at least in many cases.)

6.  Are the makers of natural skin creams educated in what they are doing?  It's quite nice to have a product that is made from natural ingredients, but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that one can put a bunch of ingredients together and expect them to work well.  Just as important as the ingredients is the knowledge of the individuals that make it - the more knowledge involved, the better the cream will perform simply due to the fact that there is an understanding there of the different elements that are contained in the cream.

7.  Is the cream naturally preserved?  Unfortunately there are a number of creams that contain preservatives that will actually serve to damage skin over time - and put someone's health at risk.  Sad but true.  Even products that use the word "natural" on the label sometimes have preservatives in them that (if one knows what they are) can make someone yell "yikes!" and run away.  =D  The purpose for using these types of preservatives is to cut costs and help the cream to last a long time.  However - there are natural skin creams available that are preserved with all natural ingredients, which serve to keep the cream fresh over time, without damaging skin or health.

Are you looking for a great line of natural skin creams?  

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