Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Facts About Health

 Facts About Health

How to even begin stating what the facts about health are? It's such a broad subject that it's actually hard to wrap your wits around it.

Let me just say this - I see around me in society a lot of people fretting over their current state of health, I see young and healthy people who worry about their future health due to their own observations of people who's health has deteriorated. I see a lot of people looking for answers - REAL answers.

Here's what else I see - I see a lot of different "solutions" and treatments out there that - well, maybe they work and maybe they don't. But - I have not seen one of them (whether it be from traditional Western Medicine, natural or homeopathic, etc.) that really works 100% of the time and can operate on 100% scientific fact and physical evidence.

I'm not here to tell you that I've found a "magic cure" for all health problems. But I am saying something pretty important to you here: There are facts - real facts - about health having to do with the most fundamental, basic functions of the body that most people are not aware of and should be.

When someone finds out these facts - about how his or her body functions at it's most basic level, and how it should function to be truly healthy - it's like a "lightbulb" turns on, and all of a sudden everything makes sense. Things that our current general medical information doesn't explain and maybe never will.

Once you understand how the body truly operates at it's most fundamental and simplest level, answers to questions such as these can be answered:Davinci Body Classic Design
  • "Could there be a basis for ALL disease, no matter what kind?"
  • "Is there really any way to be truly healthy?"
  • "I'm not really sick, but I don't feel good most of the time. Why is that?"
  • "Why doesn't my body have enough energy to get me through the day?"
  • "Do I have to be on some sort of miracle medicine in order to feel good?"
Get the idea? Alright.

Rather than go on and on about this, I would like to introduce a new online resource to you that can help you to understand what true health really means, what disease is based on (even very serious disease), and to show you that it is possible to have optimum health. It really is possible.

The basis of information on this website is contained in the theory and treatment program called "RBTI" (This stands for "Reams Biological Theory of Ionization").

I'm a real believer in this theory and program - because I am undergoing it myself and I know that it works - like nothing else I've ever done to improve my physical health.

It's also completely relevant to the subject of not only health, but also beauty. I know this because it's really changing not only how I feel and my overall health, but my skin, hair, you name it. :D


Stick around - I'd love to share more info on RBTI and some facts about health as time goes on, and will also be sharing my own successes along the way.

That is all -

Tonya B.