Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Best Face Creams For Sensitive Skin

The top face creams 2013 have a great deal of hype to live up to. In the modern ever-changing world, makeup enthusiasts, people residing in harsh climates, and everyday men or women are battling the frustrations of having dry, cracked, sensitive skin. These facial conditions require the vigilant observance by tried-and-true manufacturers who attempt to put out the newest and best creams and beauty products on an annual basis.

2013 marks one of their biggest years! Prepared for the brutality of wintry frost and the sweltering sun of summer, each of the following creams are the most compatible with sensitive skin types.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Interestingly enough, the same elements that make up this cream were used to soothe the scorched skin of burn victims in WWII. With that little history lesson revealed, this cream isn't for everyone, as it's been described as ointment that a great-grandmother might use. Heavy with consistency and a heady scent, it reigns as the go-to remedy for sensitive facial skin, chapped lips, small abrasions, and even scratches. Think of it as the vintage version of your favorite modern healing salves.


St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer

Natural ingredients and organic materials were used in the making of this product, ensuring nothing but the best touches your skin. This cream not only soothes the irritation of cracked and dull face cells, it also firms, tones, and rejuvenates for a younger, fresher appearance.


Vivo Per Lei Moisturizing Day Cream

Silken and soft, this cream contains anti-aging compounds and organic elements that repair and heal damaged skin. The cream then goes to work to renew and tone, leaving your face glowing with health and natural beauty. This is a perfect product, as it can be blended with concealer or used as a stand-alone base before you apply your daily makeup. 

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