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An Overview of 3 Amazing Natural Skin Moisturizers for 2014

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The best natural moisturizers for skin in 2014 are formulated from all-natural and real ingredients that were grown from nature – not in a lab.

I have handpicked a trio of amazing organic lotions and creams that offer long-lasting benefits, such as – an effortless and healthy glow that seems to resonate from the inside, an even and unblemished skin tone, and fewer wrinkles with cell regeneration and rejuvenation to naturally plump the elasticity in your skin. And these benefits really only brush the surface of what your skin could be – how healthy and beautiful your entire body can feel.

Without further ado – the 3 best natural skin moisturizers 2014 are:


Seraj All Natural Skin Creams

I love the selection that Seraj offers! The essential nutrients that are packed into every cream are enough to make your skin tingle in anticipation.

Made from entirely organic ingredients – each of the creams is naturally scented with an almost mouth-watering fragrance that emits mood-boosting vibe to keep you feeling good.

The lotions themselves are separated into a sextet of awesome scents – each with unique, yet all-encompassing, uses to match and complement your completely original skin type. 
 Origins Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream

Origins is one of my personal favorites. What do you think of when you hear soufflé? Personally – I think of lightness, fluffiness, and deliciousness with an unsurpassed softness that practically melts in your mouth. But instead of being a taste sensation, this cream is a lightweight, frothy mixture that works wonders on your skin.

The scents are reminiscent of fresh-baked ginger snaps and lemony sweet tea – and the ingredients are 100% straight from nature.

Each nourishing slather of this beautifying lotion will encourage the natural loveliness of your skin to shine through in a glow that suggests health and vitality.


Weleda Skin Food

The overall concept of this product is oh-so-clever and amazing to me. Skin food! Because your skin needs nourishing nutrients to keep it feeling fresh, clean, vibrant, and beautiful.

Smelling of aloe and other awesome all-natural scents – skin food is marketed directly towards people with dry, sensitive, or rough skin. Why? Because their skin needs nourishment the most.

This cream is a deep moisturizer that brings out the best of your natural glow while shucking the damaged cells. It also banishes blemishes, regenerates elasticity, and rehydrates rough patches for touchable smoothness that lasts. Plus – these benefits build with each use to protect your skin from future roughness, dryness, and sensitivity.


If you are on the search for a great natural skin moisturizer, here is a video that gives the top 5 picks for 2014:

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