Monday, September 9, 2013

Regenerating, Rejuvenating, Refreshing Creams for Your Hands

Regenerating. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. All of these descriptive words should, ideally, be synonymous with only the top-rated, natural hand creams. And while some may have reached 1 or 2 of these adjectives, there are only 3 I’ve found that contain the aforementioned trio of amazing benefits from nail-tips to wrists. Treat and indulge your hands without breaking the bank with salons and spas. Yes, those are great treats every once and awhile, but when they become a chore, it’s time to venture to your own go-to hand creams. These are filled with vitamins, minerals, and astounding elements that make your skin smoother, softer, and more beautiful than ever before – sans expensive manicurist.


Seraj All-Natural Cream

What I love most about Seraj products is there’s never only one to choose from! There are a barrage of amazing, all-natural creams that can be used for every aspect of your life and body. The creams are vegan with absolutely no artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives, and each is rife with vitamins and essential, beneficial oils. Over time, these nutrients can and will change your skin for the better, soothing cracks, repairing fine lines, and conditioning completely. Some creams are floral, others are citrus, and there’s even a peppermint – but each and every one is simply amazing.


Herbacin Cosmetics Kamille Glycerin Hand Cream

Receive a triple treatment of chamomile, glycerin, and silicone that works together to naturally plump, smooth, and beautify all skin types. Talk about rejuvenation! This product digs deep into skin cells, healing and forming a protective “glove” of antioxidants to prevent further damage to your hands, fingers, nails, and cuticles. Our hands are the forefront of our entire lives; they take the brunt of our daily regime, drying and chapping due to wear and tear. With this cream, they can feel refreshed and regenerated with noticeably softer, smoother skin and an overall healthy appearance.


Yes To Carrots Intense Repair Daily Hand Cream

Rich in beta-carotene from organic carrots, this hand cream is naturally conditioning and nourishing, providing long-lasting treatment for normally cracked, dry skin. Additional ingredients, such as primrose oil and soybean extracts, activate with every use, releasing a new bout of antioxidants that repair and refresh your hands. They’ll appear and feel healthier, and simply better, with regular, continued use of this awesome cream. Your hands will glow with an organic shine that’s soft, 100% natural, and hydrated from within.

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