Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Best Gloss Brands for Shimmering Smiles

On my search for the best natural lip glosses, I’ve found several that could be considered “just okay” or “slightly above average.” However, the research period also uncovered 3 that were the most amazing and spectacular; the proverbial shining stars of the lip gloss world. And what they all had in common was shimmer!

The following lip glosses bring shine and sheen to your lips with every swipe, and it’s all natural, completely organic, and beautifying. They’re also safe for constant application, even though all of them also have the staying power to outlast a day of lip-smacking.


Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss

Long name and even longer list of benefits, this gloss is unique because it brings the intelligence to your antioxidants. It’s a smarter, healthier choice for your lips because it lends the shimmer and shine without the harsh chemicals or brutal, scientific laboratory concoctions. The formula is USDA certified as organic fruits, such as agave, coconut, and raspberry, have gone into making this gloss delicious, soothing, and beautifully hydrating. There are also hints of caramel and vanilla for an especially addictive taste that will have your significant other practically glued to your kisses.


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss

I was intrigued by this gloss because it’s made from 100% juice, without the chemicals or additives you’d typically find in most cosmetics. The blend of acai and goji berries are packed with minerals, while a sweet agave nectar gives the gloss a sleek shine that is long-lasting and naturally soothing. The easy-application wand makes for a swipe of shine with no stickiness, and the aroma is completely organic, delicious, and sure to put you in a great mood. There’s simply no better way to find inspiration for having a fantastic, shimmering day!


bareMinerals Natural Lip Gloss

So many natural ingredients have gone into making this gloss great! Pomegranate, sunflower, sesame, jojoba, honeysuckles, and natural vanilla are just a handful of delicious components that add the shimmer, shine, and glide to this amazing gloss. The finish is shiny and sleek without being sticky! Plus, a dash of capuacu butter and floral oils soften, soothe, and hydrate lips for a constant, kissable smile. Also, something that was appealing to me, is the cool tube design. It’s compact with a contoured knob for easy gripping and grabbing when on-the-go. It’s the traveling gal’s perfect gloss for glamor!

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