Monday, July 4, 2011

About Tanning Bed Burns

Tanning Bed Burns - Can They Be Severe?  How Can Someone Prevent Them?

While tanning beds are acknowledged to possess a safer degree of ultraviolet sun rays compared to sun, numerous people that have tried them - even though they have loved the feeling - have experienced the terrible effect of tanning bed burns. A large number of individuals have learned about these types of burns that can vary from mild and simple to take care of to red-colored, sore and practically intolerable. These kinds of burns shouldn't be dismissed as unimportant - they are able to permanently damage your skin.

These burns occur because of the fact that the recipient of them has either not protected himself or herself well enough from the rays, or have over-exposed themselves.

It is advisable to utilize special tanning bed lotions to keep oneself from getting burned by way of these beds. It has been advised to use the best ones available despite the cost. Using a highly effective lotion will not only provide protection to the skin, they can also produce melanin allowing skin to tan faster without additional exposure or time in a tanning bed.

In addition to the benefits of protection and speeding up the tanning process, most tanning bed lotions consist of effective moisturizers which supply the skin with what it needs to maintain its elastic quality and young appearance. A healthy and delightful tan is achievable without over-drying the skin and creating a leathery and aged look.

The idea of tanning bed burns is also relevant when it comes to the eyes. For this reason it is quite important to utilize the goggles that salons give to their patrons - they will protect the eyes from the burning effects of the ultraviolet rays. With a special design, these types of goggles actually protect the eyes 100%.

More naturally, a good way to stay away from tanning bed burns is always to overcome your exposure. Common sense declares that staying too long in a tanning bed - particularly if starting out - could cause a burn. If using a bed for the first time, only a few minutes is advised. The next time increase the time by a number of more minutes, then the third time one can generally stay in the bed for the minimum amount of time, which is generally about 20 minutes. Make sure to consult salon staff on this point if they have not already provided advice on the matter, or if using a home tanning bed read your instructions carefully.

Use good judgment - burns normally could occur with tanning beds when the users disregard any safety measures given. If one is burned, it is advised to seek medical assitance - dermatologists and infrequently other kinds of doctors may give helpful information on how to assist the skin recover. One thing is for sure - most of these burns should not be taken lightly, or considered a normal part of indoor tanning.

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