Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tanning Salon Checklist - Supplies Tanning Bed Businesses Need

The "trend" of having a nice tan looks like it has become more than a trend - it might even be here to stay.  Here is some information about this business that continues to boom - what should you always have in order to run this type of a business?

The busiest time of year for tanning salons appears to be when people are becoming ready for the summertime - when it is more in vogue to have a tan than not. Naturally people want to look great in shorter skirts, shorts and bathing suits before striking the beach or pool. For this reason, it is wise for any tanning salon business to be ready for the pre-summer rush to come, as well as for vacations periods throughout the winter.

Regarding Tanning Bed Resources

There is definitely quite a lot that goes into owning and running a tanning salon. To make sure that your business is well equipped to handle any rush which might come, the below is a list of what things to ensure is always available by order or by an automatic ordering setup - this will ensure that you do not run out of effective tanning bed bulbs, disinfectant, etc. There are a handful of categories to bear in mind basically - the ones that are musts, and the additional supplies that are considered convenient for the patrons.

Here is the general list: tanning bulbs, paper towels, disinfectant spray, tanning bed lotion, skin conditioners, protective goggles or other eye wear, disposable eye protection.

Regarding Tanning Bed Bulbs

An essential point to note concerning the tanning bulbs is that if they are not at 100%, customers will actually be cheated out of the full benefits that they should be getting with tanning beds. Make sure that there is some type of system of automatic delivery to replace these bulbs, as well as a routine schedule with the staff to put new ones in.

Regarding Products for Sanitation

One of the primary concerns of a tanning bed salon should be sanitation. Quite a number of people tan without any clothing whatsoever so it is important that these people - as well as the patrons after them - have sterilized beds to lie in. Each time someone lies in a tanning bed, it should be sprayed with sanitizer and wiped down with paper towels.

Alternative Tanning Merchandise for Consumers

An effective way to produce an additional profit from a tanning salon small business is by means of lotions and creams. These can increase the approach of tanning for clients by enhancing a deeper, better tan and can condition and shield the skin from drying out and aging.

About Eye Safety

Protection of eyes from suntanning is totally vital. Supplying eye protection for customers can also be an added income source for tanning salons. Often new customers are not aware of this requirement and probably are not prepared for it using their own goggles or protection. Salon owners can sell unique goggles to their clients, or offer disposable eye wear.

Keeping the proper supplies constantly in stock makes for a smoother running tanning salon. This additionally improves customer relations, making for return customers and more earnings.

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