Wednesday, July 6, 2011

California Spray Tanning Machine - Why People Love It

The sunless spray tanning concept is becoming more widely known these days. The reasons why?  First, people are usually considering that having a suntan can make them more in fashion and in general better looking.  However, not everyone lives near a beach, or even has a regular amount of direct sun.  Moreover, not everyone can afford the time or money to have a vacation at a beach location.

These are the reasons so many people are turning to sunless tanning. One other reason may come from the concept that sunless tanning has a good effect for us. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can end up in skin cancer - and I know of no one who is interested in that. Sunless spray tanning could give you everything you are looking for without having any damaging effect to your skin.

There could be considered four different approaches to sunless tanning. They are the application of sunless tanning lotion, spray tan machine, tanning beds and ingesting tanning pills. Those are the topic of this article.

Sunless tanning lotions: These commonly include some ingredients known as DHA. It is a colourless sugar that can work with with dead skin cells developing an alteration of color within your skin. It will last up 5 to 7 days to have change in the color of the skin after its application.

Spray Tanning: Also called booth tanning. This is utilized through spray and may have the similarities in comparison to the tanning lotion. A spray gun can be the procedure to be used but the spray tan machine is more effective and may assure in even tanning application.

Tanning Beds: These are also known as sun beds with fluorescent tubes. It is the tubes that are accountable for skin tanning because of its ultraviolet rays. It is the same type of ray that can be produced from the sun. It is efficient but then it can lead to skin aging and - unthinkably - skin cancer.

Tanning Pills: Most of these come in three modifications. Since, you will find tanning pills which will contain a caretenoid pigments to those without active ingredients and pills with tyrosine. The caretenoid Pills have particular pigments that could absorb the entire layer underlying the skin. It can change the skin color but they are not effective as the alternative tanning products.

So - why is the California Spray Tanning Machine so popular?  It seems that it offers the best of all worlds - a natural looking tans, and no damage to skin from UV rays

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