Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Choose Your Tanning Products

Modern Tanning Products to Choose

While a golden glow to the skin is considered extremely attractive, the fact remains that getting a tan can be harmful to skin. Research and news reports that there are number of cases of melanoma as a result of prolonged sun exposure.

There are solutions to the problem of dangerous UV sunlight, which could give you all the elegant benefits of a great tan without experiencing harmful negative effects. The types of tanning products you use for your skin while in the sun rays would be the right answer.

Pre-Tanning Planning

Keeping your skin moisturized is always good. It is a good idea to safeguard your skin with moisturizers every day and night since Cold temperature and arid conditions can dry it out as well as a salt water or chlorine. It increases results when it is applied after taking a shower because the skin is able to take in the moisture more effectively.

Prior to showing yourself to the sun, even just in winter months, it is actually to protect skin with a moisturizer that has a SPF protection of 15 or even more. This rate can protect your skin and most of all your face since it is more susceptible to sunburn.

On Tanning Beds

The less unsafe rays to the skin actually originate from tanning beds. But there are still lotion that is intended for tanning beds that produce a a greater depth tone to the skin and protects it as well. Tanning bed light bulbs are usually strong and that is why the session is done just for a few minutes. This also prepares your skin to deepen the colour every time you are planning to visit the beach.

Salons have their own tanning booths where you can stand or lie down and get all areas of the body tan. This can be good option if you are basically thinking of going on a vacation to a cold climate or in the middle of winter without having worry about sunburn, because you can prepare your skin for the sun prior to leaving home.

Different Tanning Products

So many people are now confused about what type of lotion to be used to protect their skin but will still provides a great colour. There are spray on lotions, facial tanning products and other choices based on your own skin.

Planning to use a product that protect you most is very important especially when you have fair skin. An SPF rating of 15 to 30 percent would be a wise choice. Those who have darker olive skin tones can use a lotion with an SPF of 8 which is a workable level. Lotion must be re-applied frequently if prolong exposure to sun.

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