Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indoor Tanning, Outdoor Tanning - Which is Best?

Deciding on indoor or outdoor tanning - which is the right option for you?

Summertime is when the people would like to have a fantastic tan and might consider that there may be nothing finer than showing friends and strangers their golden tanned skin. When summer is approaching, some people will run to indoor tanning while some are choosing to lie and get tan under the sun. Tanning in the sun or in salon can give the rusult that you are looking for. Which one have the best choice?

It has been in the curiosity within the subjects of cosmetics and health to know more about the advantages of outdoor tanning vs tanning salon services, but with the information to hand the final point here is that it is up to you, depending on which is more convenient and best for your health.

A person can generally tan the same way in a salon as they would with the sun. The UV rays from both sources can produce the same effect.

A very important factor to consider regarding outdoor tanning would be that the skin can have too much exposure to UV rays. As one might anticipate, this might lead to sunburn and possibly other skin problems later on. Basically the problem with this can be a stronger level of ultraviolet rays that can't be manipulated.

The other side of the story is that tanning salons can be quite beneficial considering the fact that the ultraviolet rays can be better controlled. The chances of burning are less and even so, tanning salons can provide you with products to lessen the chances of burning even more.

If someone's goal is to get the perfect tan for summertime, while using sun as a source that can be less reliable than tanning beds since basically all one could achieve is a burn. As so many people are aware this leads to premature aging and can even cause more severe problems.

Again, comparing and looking at the advantages of indoor tanning, while the rays used are ultraviolet, they are different than direct rays from the sun. Additionally these salons are under government regulation providing additional security to patrons.

In addition to these points, tanning salon staff generally are capable of helping you determine the level of rays your skin can tolerate without having to burn. Following the advice of these staff can provide you with an even better chance to get a fantastic tan without risking your health.

After getting the information above, if there is still a question in your thoughts on whether to tan indoors or out, my advice is simply to pick the option that is the most convenient. While outdoor tanning advantages can differ with the weather, the UV index and the temperature and there is no limit to the amount of rays you can get and of course there are no regulations or appointments to make.

To compare, indoor tanning does not need to get worried about the UV rays and they are controlled and geared to work with your skin type with the help of tanning salon staff.

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