Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tanning Bed Lotions and Safe Tanning

Tanning Beds and Their Lotions - How to Use Them

Tanning beds happen to be a quick way to get a suntan and have been now for quite a number of years.  It is a good option especially if an individual desires a tan in winter, is planning for a vacation in the tropics or simply wants to get a base tan to prepare for the summer sun.

At this point while many doctors proclaim that tanning beds have as much risk as tanning in the sun, yet there are specific advantages that a person might want to contemplate regarding the utilization of tanning beds - whether at home or in a salon - especially if one makes use of special tanning bed lotions to defend their skin.

These types of lotions are not only used to moisturize skin, but also it gives skin with additional antioxidants and lower harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays to safeguard the skin.

Included in the theme of tanning bed lotions are a type that can actually grow the tanning process. These types of contain an ingredient which stimulates melanin for a darker tan. These can be known as tan activating lotions, and they can also generate a warm and tingly effect on the skin, increasing the flow of blood to the skin's surface, allowing for a faster tanning process. Many of these products make use of essential oils to moisturize and provide nourishment to the skin, leaving a bronzed and glowing look.

Another theme of tanning bed lotions make use of ingredients such as cucumber and mint to cool down the skin and hinder burning. They do not protect the skin from burning rays, but actually make the skin less sensitive to heat and rays. As a note, it is significant to be conscious of the fact that there are no tanning bed lotions that can handle photosensitivity which can be triggered by certain medications.

Yet another classification of lotions are used for applying all over the eye area. While tanning it is important to protect the eyes with special goggles, one can also utilize these products to protect the special and fragile skin around the eyes from ultraviolet ray damage. Some of those types of lotions incorporate ingredients such as Vitamin E, grapefruit extract and caviar proteins.

Lotions may also be used for after-tanning in order to firm and cool down the skin, lowering the effects of the UV exposure. The positive effects of these may include reduction of wrinkles from damage to special fibers in the skin. Lotions that contain ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, essential oils and herbs have been known to repair the skin and preserving it from dehydrating further. Another option along these lines is the usage of extra virgin olive oil, which is proven to have outstanding anti-aging benefits.

While some people choose to tan in a salon without having to use a swimsuit or underwear, it is nevertheless recommended to wear them to avoid sensitive skin areas from burning that are not accustomed to exposure to the UV rays.

One specific advantage of tanning beds is the production of Vitamin D - a special vitamin that's available from some exposure to UV rays. For those who have more of an indoor lifestyle, this is a good indicate keep in mind.

There would be a stunning tan if you are employing a tanning bed lotions with a bit of moderation and common sense, regardless of whether in a salon or at home.

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