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Tanning Beds - What to Know

What to Know About Home and Commercial Tanning Beds

UV rays are produced by tanning beds and consequently there are possible health factors to consider when using them. You can get your tan in a safe way by following these tanning bed suggestions from people who have tried tanning business for a long time. Below are a few information regarding tanning beds.

Type of Skin

Regardless of what type of tanning bed you are using it is very important to know your skin type in order to to prevent getting into trouble. There are primary types of skin that could be placed into 5 categories. The albino as the lightest and to those Asian or African as the darkest being naturally dark pigmented skin. Other types of skin fall between the two given above.

The frequency and duration of tanning can be established through the type of skin. Some skin types burn a lot more easily while others rarely burn when tanning. Salons will help you determine your skin type and if you are planning to have tan at home then you definitely read first the handbook of the tanning bed you have purchased.

Choosing Your Tanning Bed

If a first timer user you should always begin with lower watt tanning bulb bed to aid your skin turn out to be used to the UV rays. The beginner types of beds are certainly not as powerful as the mega beds and they will give time for pigment to develop. Once you have a foundation tan, you can move to another bed that has more powerful tanning bulbs. It is essential to be aware of the truth that if your tan fades or you stop tanning completely then when starting back you will need the lower watt bulbs. The stronger bulbs are not appropriate for skin that is not prepared for the higher degree of UV rays.

Do Not Let Yourself to Burn

It is a wise decision to keep from burning at all. This is a well-known guideline of tanning, and is an important point. Some people will burn much easier than others and are not actually able to get a tan without burning first. If this applies to you, then the basic rule is merely do not tan. Burns are harmful to your health and can even result in skin cancer.

Types of Tanning Lotions

When making use of a tanning bed, it is advisable to use a lotion that is suitable for indoor tanning. Stay away from oils because they can obstruct the rays make the bed difficult to get clean.

Utilizing appropriate tanning lotion for your own personal skin is important. And use increased SPF lotion if you are a skin type that can simply be burned. Avoid using the inside lotions outdoors, or even the outdoor lotions for indoor tanning. Different types of lotions are designed for different types of rays - this is an important point.

Tanning Beds At Home

If you're a regular tanner, you might consider purchasing your own bed. This permits you to tan on your own time, which makes it even more soothing. This is a great way to get end off a busy day.

Home tanning beds can be purchased for an affordable price. Take note that it is not just the fee for the session but also the cost of gas and wear and tear on your car as well as taking more time.

There are also commercial tanning beds advantages. They tend to have the most advanced tanning beds and they manage the expense of exchanging weaker bulbs - and of course they deal with any maintenance and repair. All you need to do is show up.

No matter how to get your indoor tan, make sure to follow the rule of moderation - beautiful and more healthy tans are possible if done right.

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