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Benefits of Spray Tanning | Spray Tanning Defined

What Might be the Benefits of Spray Tanning?

When people head to the beach for a vacation, they generally have getting a tan in mind.  When they return, often they hear about their lovely new golden skin tone - or not. As the health problems of tanning under the sun or perhaps a tanning bed are known, getting a tan continues to be popular because the early 1900's and there's no manifestation of that recognition slacking off in the near future, yet maintaining a tan is much more than some work

In the early 80's tanning salons came into the picture. This type of business has turned into a multi-billion dollar business in the United States, as well as in other countries.

A newer tanning option has joined into the tanning scene - sunless spray tanning started about ten years ago and has since really caught on. It helps men and women with a way to have a beautiful tan without the risks of ultraviolet rays from the sun or tanning beds. In comparison to tanning methods that came before it, spray tanning is superior in its effects - the tans given out of this method tend to look wonderful.

What is Spray Tanning Exactly?

This is quite a unique method of tanning like nothing else available. It tans the skin starting with being put on by means of a spray in a special booth that's found most often in more expensive suntanning salons. The spray mist's beneficial ingredient is DHA, which is short for dihydropxyacetone - it has a result when applied to dead skin cells and essentially colors them a brown color. Following the suntanning treatment, skin has a wonderful tan color that appears much more natural than other approaches.

There are a couple of different types of tanning sprays - basically oil or water based. Forthose who havesensitive skin, the water based type of spray is suggested. Different types of sprays are sometimes offered in different salons - providing different levels of tanning. One point to keep in mind on this is if you are fair skinned it might not look natural to add too deep of a tan right away.

Getting the Best Tan

Due to the nature of the process, spray tanning gives skin a natural brown glow instead of giving a more orange and fewer natural look. Since this is simply not a surface lotion, there also is not a worry about skin looking smeared because the skin color is actually altered rather than simply having a surface lotion applied. It looks quite normal even for fair skinned people.

One of the most well known names in spray tanning booths is Mystic Tan, their advice is that a great tanned can be taken care of by tanning with their service every 5 days. An additional spray tanning company - Fantasy Tan - says that their tans can be maintained only every 10 days in comparison. While both of these options are very popular, no matter which way to plan to go there are ways to supply the life of a spray tan.


Why must you repeat visits every 5-10 days approximately? Because this approach to tanning requires the tinting film of surface skin cells, the tan will fade as scalp wears away. To be able to decelerate the results of skin peeling and putting on away, a great moisturizer in it is suggested to increase the existence from the tan. While there are a large number of different skin lotions all different companies - you can save a great deal of time and expense to select a high quality one, so trying to find reviews that are positive is extremely suggested.

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